Kitchen Table Theology

089 Eschatology: The Rapture

January 09, 2022 Pastor Jeff Cranston Episode 89
Kitchen Table Theology
089 Eschatology: The Rapture
Show Notes

“God will use the sound of the trumpet to gather His people for the ultimate assembling together, the rapture of the church, to meet the Lord in the air.” - Pastor Jeff Cranston

Happy New Year, Kitchen Table Theology Family! In our first episode of 2022, Pastor Jeff and Jen Denton continue our series on Eschatology. Last time we defined our terms and in today's episode, we discuss The Rapture. 


[00:01] Introduction

  • Chatting about the New Year 
  • A recap of our last podcast on Eschatology 

[04:30] What is the Rapture?

  • Rapture means a state or an experience of being carried away 
  • Who will participate in the rapture? 
    • Jesus 
    • The Ark Angel 
    • The bodies of passed and living believers (1 Thess 4) 
  • The difference between The Rapture and The Second Coming 


[10:54] The role of Trumpets and Angels in the Rapture

  • Why the Bible teaches that the rapture is pretribulational in nature 
  • No mention of the Church on earth in the Tribulation (Rev 6-19) 
  • What does the trumpet mean in the rapture? (1 Cor 15, 1 Thes 4, Rev 4) 
    • to summon into battle
    • to summon to worship 
  • Trumpets calling angels 
  • The meaning of trumpets in the old testament
    • In the rapture only one tr (Num 10:4)
  • Trumpets play a significant role in God calling His people 


[25:58] Closing Segment

Key Quotes

“Bible doctrine without love is a shadow of truth. Doctrine held in love is very truth and we dare not allow ourselves to be satisfied with anything less.”- A W. Tozer 


“At the rapture, the trumpet or the trump of God is significant. In the Old Testament, that trumpet was used for two things, to summon into battle, and to summon to worship.” - J. Dwight Pentecost 




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