Kitchen Table Theology

091 Eschatology: The Tribulation, Part 2

January 23, 2022 Pastor Jeff Cranston Episode 91
Kitchen Table Theology
091 Eschatology: The Tribulation, Part 2
Show Notes

“[The Antichrist] is going to appear very much like Christ because he's going to rise from the dead, he's going to declare that people worship him, he's going to make an idol of himself and people are going to worship it. He counterfeits Christ at every turn. Many people will be fooled thinking he is the real Christ.” - Pastor Jeff Cranston 

Welcome to Kitchen Table Theology! Pastor Jeff and Jen Denton continue our series on Eschatology. Previously we’ve defined our terms, we’ve covered the rapture, and today we’re continuing our conversation on the tribulation. 


[00:01] A Recap on What We Last Discussed 

  • The Tribulation is the 7 year time period in the end times in which humanity's decadence and depravity will reach its fullness, all while being led by the Antichrist. At the close of the 7 year period, God will judge accordingly which will lead to the Second Coming of Christ

[02:55] The Seven Year Tribulation Period 

  • How does the Tribulation Period begin? 
    • It will begin with the signing of a covenant by the beast/antichrist, who promises to protect Israel (Matt 24-25)
    • The rapture does not begin the tribulation
  • God will pour out His wrath on an unbelieving world
  • Believers are going to stand before the judgment seat of Christ (2 Cor 5:10)
    • This has nothing to do with salvation  


[11:20] What Other Things Take Place in the Tribulation? 

  • The marriage supper of the Lamb (Rev 19:7) 
  • Christ will return physically to earth, to render judgment and inaugurate the Millennial Kingdom
  • Jesus will judge Jews and Gentiles (Matt 25) 


[13:17] The Beast/Antichrist 

  • The Antichrist is coming (1 John 2:18)
  • He is a counterfeit Christ. The ultimate embodiment of what is means to oppose Christ
  • The Antichrist according to Scripture 


[20:01] Closing Segment 

  • Closing words

Key Quotes

“The Tribulation will involve God's judgment on an unbelieving world.” - Pastor Jeff Cranston 

“God has brought you into His family through the blood of Christ, which has been appropriated in your life. What we as believers will be judged on is what you did for Christ after you came to faith in Him.” - Pastor Jeff Cranston


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