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092 Eschatology: Is Covid-19 a sign of the End Times?

January 30, 2022 Episode 91
Kitchen Table Theology
092 Eschatology: Is Covid-19 a sign of the End Times?
Show Notes

“Remember, we live in God-time, we don't live on our time. God marks time differently than we do.” - Pastor Jeff Cranston 

Welcome to Kitchen Table Theology! Pastor Jeff and Jen Denton continue our series on Eschatology. Previously we’ve defined our terms, we’ve covered the rapture and the tribulation. Today we continue our discussion on the tribulation by tackling a common question of today: Is COVID-19 a sign of Jesus’ coming? 


[00:01]  What Are The Signs of The End Times?

  • Covid has affected every aspect of our lives and has deeply negatively impacted the lives of millions, but is it a sign of the times? 
  • Luke 21:11 warns us of natural disasters, famines, and pestilences 
    • Pestilence: a plague, or a disease
  • Events or signs will become more frequent and severe, as the world needs Jesus’ second arrival

[09:07] Is Covid-19 a Signal of Jesus Second Coming?

  • Covid-19 could be a partial sign of the times 
  • There have been many plagues and pestilences throughout history
  • Jesus warned us to watch for the increase in the frequency of these signs (Matthew 24)
  • Other signs Jesus has warned us to watch for 
    • False prophets and teacher
    • Natural and national calamities
    • Persecution of believers 
    • The proclamation of the Gospel
    • Nation rising up against nation


[25:13] We Live On God-Time 

  • According to Paul, the appointed time of this world’s passing has grown very short (1 Corinthians 7:29)
  • How can we continue to be patient? 
    • God’s timing is never late (2 Peter 3:8)
    • We must redeem the time by sharing the Gospel 
  • Closing words

Key Quotes

“In the sense of His return, He's a precious or a compassionate procrastinator. Because it's His will, The Bible says, that none should perish, but that all may have eternal life. So when people ask why He hasn’t come back, He's waiting on you to go tell somebody the Gospel.” - Pastor Jeff Cranston 


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