The Lockdown Show

Make Some Noise!

May 11, 2020 Presenter: Zoë Giles Producer Vikki Rimmer Season 1 Episode 5
The Lockdown Show
Make Some Noise!
Show Notes

It's music week on the podcast and Zoë is joined by Amber T (Tick Tock) to talk about her new single Jigsaw and the video she filmed for the single in lockdown.  David Lawrence (Guinness World Record holder & famous conductor) shares plans for the world's biggest children's choir Young Voices At Home. Star of Matilda, Scarlett Cecil, talks about her experiences on the UK tour of the show last year.   DJ Phil Harrison returns to the show to share some Norfolk beats, hear new music from Josh, Conor and The Black Shadows (Lottie, Nate & Murray) and to take the Glee music quiz. Issy and Sophia share their favourite books and the activity this week shares how to make a dance track with Remix in lockdown.

With thanks to:
Rebecca Lawrence for The Power in Me
Amber T and Dr Zeus for Tick Tock
Amber T for Jigsaw
The Black Shadows Fire Resistant
Josh - songs from The Sleep Album
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Scarlett &
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