Career Speakeasy

S2 Ep 3: We Are (Not?) Our Self-Identity

February 10, 2021 Kelli Nottingham Season 2 Episode 3
Career Speakeasy
S2 Ep 3: We Are (Not?) Our Self-Identity
Show Notes

We behave according to who we believe we are.  

So who do you believe you are? 

Powerful?  Adaptable?  Scatterbrained?  Never good enough?  

In this episode, we dig down into the many layers of our identities, and explore our beliefs about ourselves.  Why, you ask? 

Because our self beliefs shape how we interact with our work, our opportunities, and our relationships, both professional and personal.  Our beliefs can propel us forward, or hold us back.  It's our choice!

(p.s. My cat, Loki, decided to make a cameo in this one.  *shrugs*)

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