Career Speakeasy

S2 Ep 4: Fixed Vs. Growth Mindsets

February 26, 2021 Kelli Nottingham Season 2 Episode 4
Career Speakeasy
S2 Ep 4: Fixed Vs. Growth Mindsets
Show Notes

Do you believe you're smart?  Talented?  Creative? 

What happens when your intelligence or talents or creativity are put to the test, and don't make the grade? 

Do you focus on what you can learn from the situation?  (This is the answer we know we should give, but deep down inside is that really our reaction?  Or do you question whether you're really smart or talented or skilled? - That's the one that often comes up instead!)

In this episode, we dig into some research on fixed vs. growth mindsets, and explore some new ideas about how we can think about ourselves and our possibilities.  Let's get digging!

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