Career Speakeasy

S2 Ep 6: Mimic & Model (aka Let's Learn From Other People's Successes)

March 24, 2021 Kelli Nottingham Season 2 Episode 6
Career Speakeasy
S2 Ep 6: Mimic & Model (aka Let's Learn From Other People's Successes)
Show Notes

I’m all for individuality - doing things your own way!  Forging your own path through life!  Woo!  Unique Rules!

 But hey.

 If someone has learned a lesson the hard way, or has figured out an amazing technique for dealing with a situation, why reinvent the wheel?  

 We may be unique, but it doesn't mean we're remote desert islands in a sea of I Gotta Figure This Out By Myself.  

 We're more like an Archipelago of Shared Knowledge, washed in a sea of Human Experience.  This metaphor is going off the rails fast.  Ahem.

 In this episode, we'll learn how to learn from other people's best practices using the Mimic and Model approach.  This method will shorten our learning curve to improvement, by practicing and adapting the ways other people have succeeded.  Think of it as Incognito Mentoring.  

 So get out your magnifying glass - we're going to do some investigating!

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