Career Speakeasy

(Flashback Episode!) Making Friends with Fear

October 27, 2021 Kelli Nottingham
Career Speakeasy
(Flashback Episode!) Making Friends with Fear
Show Notes

It's the spooky season and this is a rerelease of a great episode all about Fear!  No, it's not scary (I promise!), but we are going to chat about how we can use our fears productively.  

Fear is there to help us - it keeps us safe and makes us alert to possible dangers, but sometimes gets so big and so all-encompassing that it holds us back in our lives and careers.  

In this episode we explore: 

  1. The Benefits of Fear 
  2. Three ways Fear can go haywire and control us too much
  3. How Fear can show up in our lives
  4. A handful of ways to get to know your Fear Friend

Don't be scared to look your Fear Friend in the eye!  You might find you have a lot to chat about.

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