Career Speakeasy

S2 Ep 19: Prioritizing - First Thing First

November 10, 2021 Kelli Nottingham Season 2 Episode 19
Career Speakeasy
S2 Ep 19: Prioritizing - First Thing First
Show Notes

I’m going to go on record here saying that the word "priorities" plural is just messed up.  The word priority (singular) means the thing that goes first.  

As in, the singular first position. 

Saying that we can have more than one thing in the first position is a recipe for stress and overwhelm and divided attention.

And here's a Big Truth:  Our priorities aren't what we say they are, they're what we actually DO.  Our priorities aren't defined by our vision boards or the goals we set for ourselves.  Our priorities, in reality, are where we spend our time, our energy, and our focus.

So where do you spend your time + energy + focus?  Where do you WANT to spend them?

Let's explore some ways to get our ducks in a row (with that first duck being the first duck!)

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