Adapt + Overcome

The Attention Muscle: Brian Nelson

May 11, 2020 Season 1 Episode 5
Adapt + Overcome
The Attention Muscle: Brian Nelson
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Brian Nelson, a retired Army Major and combat veteran, served as Deputy Director, Joint Services for the Washington National Guard Special Ops, and Operations Officer of Task Force Dagger in Afghanistan. A Russian-speaking Intelligence Officer, with a Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership, Brian was early the early adopter of resilience training in the military, and he later founded Grit360, a consulting firm for mental skills, character, and leadership development.

He and his wife, Kelly, co-founded an animal rescue called Kindred Souls Foundation, and Brian directs a race called “Unleashed at Stadium Bowl.” You can catch his TEDx Tacoma Talk called 1 lb Stronger for insights based on his cognitive neuroscience studies and his experience in the weight room and running steps at the stadium.


Mother Nature: one badass bitch
The best prepared fighting force
Focus on the narrow action
The parable of walking on water
Exercise the attention muscle – do reps!
The Man in the Arena and the killer bounce pass
Seen & heard
Recognition = fuel
Renewal = routines + “the irreducible need”
The skeleton key and talc for the soul
One thing to pack for deployment
Praying like a mofo
This is professional nirvana