Prepped and ready to go? Getting ready for FEES* training

July 18, 2020 Fiona Robinson and Suzanne Slade Season 1 Episode 7
Prepped and ready to go? Getting ready for FEES* training
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In this SVS PodChat episode, Fiona and Suzanne outline their tips to make every minute and every penny you invest in your FEES* training count.

Aspiring FEES Practitioners often attend a taught external course as their starting point but being able to develop and apply these new skills in clinical practice is dependent upon the pre-training preparation and subsequent in-house training and supervision (1). 
Having the correct infrastructure in place underpins success, and time spent bringing all the pieces together will pay off further down the line. 

Are you thinking about investing in training to become a competent FEES Practitioner, or are you setting up a FEES service? Perhaps you have had some training but have now come to a full stop and it is difficult to see your next steps? Are you looking for a supervisor and want to know what good supervision looks like? Or are you thinking about offering to supervise a trainee and wonder what it involves?

We use our own experience of teaching FEES and that of our trainees to describe best practice (2) so that trainees start from a firm foundation and can continue to build knowledge and skills towards competence back in their own clinical environment.

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 Keep safe, Fiona and Suzanne

* flexible endoscopic evaluation of swallowing


1. Slade S 2008. Training in laryngeal endoscopy - a survey. In Proceedings. British Academic Conference Otorhinolaryngology
2. Robinson H F and Dennick R Teaching laryngeal endoscopy skills to speech and language therapists: applying learning theory to optimize practical skills mastery. Current Opinion in Otolaryngology & Head and Neck Surgery: June 2015 Vol 23:3

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Introduction and survey findings
Organisational infrastructure and equipment
Supervision requirements - who and how
What good supervision looks like - agreeing the training specification and supervisor responsibilities
Building knowledge and skills and providing evidence of competence
Structuring the supervised sessions using a task analysis approach
Accessing and sharing teaching and learning resources
Familiarisation with nasendoscopy equipment and the FEES protocol before attending formal training
Costing in the training elements
Collecting the evidence
Assessment of competence - who, what and how
Putting nasendoscopy skills in context
Closing remarks