Continue to build your skills and knowledge towards competence in FEES* during the constraints of COVID-19

August 17, 2020 H Fiona Robinson and Suzanne Slade Season 1 Episode 8
Continue to build your skills and knowledge towards competence in FEES* during the constraints of COVID-19
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Has your FEES training been impacted by COVID-19? In this episode, Fiona and Suzanne outline some practical ideas so that you can continue to build on your knowledge and skills, towards competence and skills mastery in FEES.

Using the structure of the FEES protocol and the FEES knowledge and skills frameworks you can find opportunities to create learning experiences to enrich your knowledge and skill as a trainee FEES practitioner. Some of these may take place within a clinical environment, others as self-study or remote learning.

Even if your planned training has been interrupted, by being creative there is so much that you can do to continue with your FEES education programme.

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* flexible endoscopic evaluation of swallowing


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Introduction and background
Collecting the evidence for your portfolio
Follow the outline FEES Protocol to structure your learning
Ideas for online education resources
Creating learning opportunities during the FEES protocol: pre-swallowing and swallowing assessment
Finding opportunities for learning in ICU, Stroke, Critical Care and Outpatient settings
Post-procedure, report writing and storing and retrieving images
Other activities: audit, patient journey and service planning
Learning activities for the trainee endoscopist
Focussing your reading, policies and procedures