Assessment and rehabilitation of dysphonia during the COVID-19 pandemic - UK Perspective Part 2

September 21, 2020 H Fiona Robinson and Suzanne Slade Season 1 Episode 9
Assessment and rehabilitation of dysphonia during the COVID-19 pandemic - UK Perspective Part 2
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This episode follows from the  SVS PodChat "Perspectives from the UK and the USA: assessment and rehabilitation of dysphonia during the COVID-19 pandemic" and provides an update on how voice therapy services are being provided in the UK, six months into the pandemic.

Suzanne chats with three renowned speech and language specialist voice therapists - Tori Burnay, Jane Shaw and Rachel Radford - about the impact of COVID-19 on their practice, how they have made adaptations for themselves and their patients and offers insights into their own and their patients' experiences.
The discussion includes meeting the challenges of providing assessment and therapy sessions, highlights the key resources they have created and contributed to, plus tips to looking after ourselves and our own voice, all with warm and humorous personal insights.

A range of resources is discussed, please see below for Rachel Radford's Voice Therapy Exercises on You Tube:

Vocal Function Exercise
Accent Method

Jane Shaw et al:

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Creating an information leaflet for patients
How we've been working during the past 6 months - remote, telehealth and face to face sessions.
PPE in the voice clinic
Preparation for the voice clinic - resources, practicalities, useful tips
Adapting our practice and preparation for the patient to optimise assessment and therapy
Digital and technological inequalities - how can we manage this?
Meeting the challenges of providing voice therapy
COVID-19 related voice presentations - early impressions