Ultrasound in Speech and Language Therapy - making sense of the Magic Eye image

October 30, 2020 H Fiona Robinson and Suzanne Slade Season 1 Episode 10
Ultrasound in Speech and Language Therapy - making sense of the Magic Eye image
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Welcome to  SVS PodChats with Suzanne and Fiona speaking to Jodi Allen (a), Claire Slinger (b) and Sally Richmond (c) about using ultrasound in speech and language therapy clinical assessment.

Ultrasound is an established clinical assessment modality - we are familiar with ultrasound in obstetrics or to assess integrity of the muscle tissue in neurological disease.
Ultrasound of the head and neck is an emerging  area of consideration for SLTs in respiratory, voice, and swallowing services, but will it become an important addition to our assessment?
Interpreting the "Magic Eye" images demonstrates the potential of ultrasound  for assessment of the larynx in inducible laryngeal obstruction (ILO), assessment of the vocal folds after surgery and for assessment of the integrity of the structures important for swallowing.

What is ultrasound and how can it add to the clinical picture?
What is the evidence base for feasibility, utility, reliability and reproducibility?
If this is in the vision for our future practice, what should we do now and what training is available?

Our guests answer these and other questions, outline how they are contributing to building the evidence in collaboration with colleagues across the world, and imagine what the future may hold for the profession and our patients. Follow them on @SltUltrasound

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Fiona and Suzanne
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(a) Senior Speech and Language Therapist, The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery and NIHR-funded Pre-Clinical Academic Fellow
(b) Consultant Respiratory Speech and Language Therapist,  Royal Preston Hospital
(c) Consultant Head and Neck Radiographer,  University College London Hospitals

Laryngeal ultrasound paper written by the two radiologists at UCH:

Recent reviews in swallowing & laryngeal ultrasound :

In Press: Utility of Ultrasound in the Assessment of Swallowing & Laryngeal Function: A Rapid Review and Critical Appraisal of the Literature
Journal: International Journal of Language & Communication Disorders

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How did all this start?
What is ultrasound
Reliability and reproducibility
Why do we need ultrasound in speech and language therapy?
Getting your eye in
Collaborations - who brings which skills?
Common questions from colleagues
What does it add to your service for yourself and the patients?
Challenges and successes
Approaching your local ultrasound team
Getting the skills and service models
Building the evidence for US in laryngeal and swallowing assessment
How to get involved