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Stephanie & Elise, Denver Ghost Hunters, Part 1

October 25, 2022
Armchair Historians
Stephanie & Elise, Denver Ghost Hunters, Part 1
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Show Notes

In this third episode of our October History and Haunting Series, Anne Marie talks to Denver Ghost Hunters' (DGH) team members Stephanie and Elise about their favorite histories and how their ghost-hunting endeavors connect to them. 

With the nineteenth-century United States Western expansion, many a restless soul came to the then Kansas Territory (Colorado) with only their dream and a prayer in hopes of finding a better life. Many of DGH's local haunts are steeped in the spiritual residue of people who came to the mountains to create a new life, some with success and some without.

Ghost hunter and psychic Stephanie shares the evolution of her supernatural skills and how she and her team utilize the tools at their disposal, including her psychic abilities, ghost-hunting equipment, and the intuition of the team to match up a haunted site's history with paranormal evidence whenever possible.

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