Reinvention Road Trip

How to BreakThrough in 2022!

February 10, 2022 Jes Averhart
Reinvention Road Trip
How to BreakThrough in 2022!
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Optimism can be hard to find these days... but isn't it great when you run into someone who has that Light? How can the decisions you make everyday help you tap into the optimism you need to breakthrough?

Breakthroughs happen everyday; but they don’t happen by accident.
Breakthroughs aren’t miracles. Miracles are gifts and unearned.
Breakthroughs aren’t trite. “3 Easy Steps to a Breakthrough” isn’t real.
Breakthroughs ARE the result of little wins. Wins that only happen because you worked at it and stuck with it over time.

Find out how you can have a breakthrough year. 

[00:00:00] Welcome to the re-invention road trip, a coffee shop style podcast that is helping thousands of women dream bigger and level up in business and life. I'm Jesse Webber. Join me as we learn from the baddest women in the game who share their powerful reinvention stories, each one dropping unique gems and takeaways just for you.

[00:00:28] Listen, it's time to get inspired, dream louder, and own the keys that will unlock the next best version of you.

[00:00:40] Hey, Hey friends, it's so good to be back. Um, we have had. Some of the most incredible guests in the studio. For our last episodes. And I have learned so much from these women that we have brought on the show today, though. I want to just have some time with you and just do a little, you know, [00:01:00] real talk for the next two weeks.

[00:01:02] So I want to reach back in the archive. And when I say that, I really only mean just by a few weeks and have a talk that will be part one of a two part series on breakthrough. So a few weeks ago, I did host the second annual reinvention summit and it was in the theme of a pajama jam. Right. So imagine women and yes, we did have a few good men log in from across the country with their jammies on, with coffee and mimosa enhanced.

[00:01:33] And a notebook at the ready and not only was it a powerful morning of speakers, but we danced to DJ curly. Sue. We focused on our health and wellness. We did some visualization y'all it was awesome. And so today I just want to share part one of a two-part series that I'm calling repeat or evolve. Your breakthrough is near.

[00:01:54] And the way I want to kick us off is by sharing the opening message of that [00:02:00] summit, along with a little bonus material. Because as you know, I like to go off script. So what you hear here will, if you were at the summit, trust me, this is, this is a little of that and a whole lot of more new things. So if you're in the car, you're taking a walk, you're making dinner, just lean in my hope today is that this is just a message that sparks encouragement to your soul.

[00:02:23] As you're thinking about pursuing your dream, right? We want to live with intention and gratitude, and this might be the message that you need to hear. So here we go. Every day you have a choice to evolve or repeat. What will you choose this year? These days, it can feel like our dreams and our goals are getting sidelined by the headlines.

[00:02:54] Doesn't it feel like that, you know, I can't turn right or left without somebody telling [00:03:00] me how I should feel about impending weather, right. Run to the grocery store and get all the things or the pandemic, you know, we've been frozen in a game of COVID freeze. Omicron freeze tag pick the next very, I don't know, freeze tag, right?

[00:03:16] This has been going on for two years, collectively as a country, we are holding our breath for the other shoe to drop, but while we're holding our breath time is passing today. I want to remind you that you have a choice. You have a choice to evolve and grow. And you can create a year that feeds your soul challenges, your intellect pushes on the margin of your sensibility.

[00:03:51] Maybe this is the year that peaks your risk, taking curiosity, right? Your spidey senses around risk-taking or like maybe this is the year [00:04:00] for that. And really does tap on the shoulder of your curiosity or. You can simply repeat. I have a couple of thoughts that I want to share with you that that might help you get unstuck, right.

[00:04:15] And get your mojo going into this these next few months and both have to do with how you show up in the world. All right. The first is, are you a light friends? We need to go back and try optimism on. These days we have been normalizing, ER, you know, uh, Winnie the Pooh. He are right. His attitude of doom and gloom is what we see around us.

[00:04:42] Optimism frankly, is hard to find these days. But when I see it, it quenches my thirst. You know what I mean? Like that person that gives off light instead of carrying the rain cloud around with them, it is so nice to be around people who give off light. So let [00:05:00] me ask you this. Are you a light? Would people say you're a light?

[00:05:06] Amanda Gorman, national youth poet Laureate said at the 2021 presidential inauguration for there is always light. If only we're brave enough to see it, if only were brave enough to be it. Beautiful words. True, true words. And if you forgotten what it's like to say, positive, bright, hopeful things. It's. So many of us have we're out of practice, you know, I can be in your, if I'm not careful, you know, I've definitely drank the cranky COVID Kool-Aid and it's exhausting and it's played out.

[00:05:44] So the good news is that you don't have to fall in line with those headlines. You can stand out amongst the doom and gloom crew. You just have to make a choice to evolve. And not [00:06:00] repeat for years, my son and I would play a game to see if we could shift energy in rooms that maybe sounds a little weird, but we would make a pack list.

[00:06:10] So if we were headed to a birthday party or, you know, a reunion or, you know, visiting friends or whatever, we would be in the car and we would make this pack that we would be the happiest person at the event. So we would smile and laugh and talk to folks before they talked to us. And yes, it was challenging.

[00:06:31] Right? Cause it's much easier to sort of sit with the people, you know, and, you know, be a little introverted and hide behind the food at the buffet and all the things. Right. And not talk. It was challenging, but within minutes, Trey, my son and I, we could feel the energy. It was like, oh man, this thing is working.

[00:06:52] Right. We could see it. And you could kinda tell that people were like, whoa, they're really present. They're here to have a good time. [00:07:00] And when you realize that you, you, you yourself can actually control the energy in a room. It is a game changer. So my charge to you is that if you're going to grow this.

[00:07:14] And get your dream off the ground or over the finish line. You need to start here, start with optimism, get back into practice. And that is going to get your motor running again. Now on to the second. Good word I have for you today, which is going to extend into next week is that you are due for a break.

[00:07:38] And if you're like me, you might associate the concept of evolving and reinvention with a breakthrough. So after all, you know, when someone said, you know, that they've had a breakthrough, it feels like there's a new chapter being written or that they've moved to the next level or something. Right. And if you've had a breakthrough in your relationship, that's [00:08:00] usually a pivotal moment.

[00:08:01] You either take it to the next level and become closer with your partner. Or maybe you realize that there's work to be done or a season has ended another example of a breakthrough as a scientist, right? When a scientist has a breakthrough, the whole research team celebrates new funding is added, you know, and in some cases, diseases are cured if you're an actor.

[00:08:25] And you finally finally get the call from your agent that you've been cast in your first supporting role, it's a big deal. You probably scream into the phone. And then you break down in tears when you hang up, because it's the moment you've been waiting for. Breakthroughs. Breakthroughs, friends are not trite.

[00:08:45] They are big stink deals. And I want to spend some time setting this up today and then digging in more next week. Like I said, because I think that we often believe that breakthroughs are happening around us, but they're not for. [00:09:00] And if you're feeling stagnant or frustrated or overworked or tired, it's easy to feel like you can be a spectator in other people's breakthrough moments.

[00:09:12] So I want you to remember two things. First, a breakthrough can happen any day can happen today. And while that is true and breakthroughs can occur at any time. The other part of that, that concept or the other side of the coin, right? Is that they don't happen by accident? Uh, I read a quote by Jeff Bezos.

[00:09:41] Who's the CEO of Amazon. And he was quoted as saying that all overnight successes take about 10. Man, you know, other people have been quoted as saying it takes about five to seven years to be an quote-unquote overnight success. Either way folks, overnight success stories or breakthrough stories did not [00:10:00] happen with the snap of a finger.

[00:10:03] Another important distinction that I want to make around breakthroughs and why they're not by accident, right? Is that they're also not miracles. Miracles are unearned, right? Miracles are a gift that we received. A breakthrough is the opposite of that. A breakthrough is definitely earned. You will have earned your breakthrough moment.

[00:10:27] And when you celebrate yours this year, no, that it was the result of your effort, your daily rituals, which might've been getting up a little early, going to bed, you know, a little early. Your breakthrough will be the result of your discipline, learning a new skill, you know, adding more time to be present with your child and really watching and learning from them possibly.

[00:10:50] Ultimately it will be the result of your commitment to your dreams, each little win, and that unwavering [00:11:00] commitment will have brought you closer to your breakthrough moment. So friends, I want you to remember that this year is unwritten. We are only about four weeks in, right? The possibilities that exist for 2022 are around every corner.

[00:11:19] They're waiting for you to take the steps, to discover and uncover them. The pen is in your hand, you can write the next chapter. So I want you to think about until next week, what will the next 30 days look like? What's your plan for the next 90 days. And next week in part two, I want to drill down and offer a gut check and some practical advice to keep you inspired and also to get you unstuck.

[00:11:49] If you feel stuck and back on the road to your breakthrough moment, I can't wait. Can't wait for next week. So until then head to reinvention road,, you can check out our new [00:12:00] website that we launched this year. We're excited about. Check out our 28 day reinvention road trip program, which is a four week cohort model.

[00:12:08] It takes you on a journey of self discovery, empowerment, and vision casting. It's the good stuff. And I will see you folks next time. Until then thanks friends for riding along on today's re-invention road trip. If you like, what you heard, tell a friend and leave us a review. I know seems like a little thing, but it is so important to see if we're on the right track.

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[00:12:54] All right, friends. Thanks so much until next time.[00:13:00]