Reinvention Road Trip

Stop Trading Your Dreams for Comfort - Real Talk w/Guest Melissa Sheets

June 03, 2020 Jes Averhart Season 1 Episode 2
Reinvention Road Trip
Stop Trading Your Dreams for Comfort - Real Talk w/Guest Melissa Sheets
Show Notes

"The people who are closest to you are often incredibly uncomfortable with your reinvention."

Whew....isn't that the truth.  Melissa Sheets, Photographer & Creative Specialist at shares how she made tough but thoughtful decisions leading to a life she could only imagine.  After returning from Haiti, she found seclusion on a local farm that provided her time to reflect on her marriage and career.  The clarity that she gained, gave her the confidence to explore the next best version of herself as a mom, partner, entrepreneur and world citizen.

It can be hard for the people around you to accept the idea that you are in a season of growth and change.  The challenge is to take care of yourself and love people along the way without taking your eye off your destination.

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Interview with Melissa Sheets

0:00 - Intro Quote

0:39 - Podcast Introduction

1:12 - Episode Introduction

2:30 - Guest Introduction

3:30 - Guest Bio

5:21 - Melissa’s Crumbling Moment

8:33 - The Seeking of More

11:21 - The Awakening

13:29 - Divorce & Reinvention

15:39 - “You’ll never make it on your own”

16:36 - The Void of Divorce

19:37 - Two Truths and a Lie

20:21 - Truth - Don’t Like to Be Alone, But Needed to Be Alone

22:24 - Truth - The People Closest to You May Not Support Your Reinvention.

24:12 - Being Still in the Midst of Chaos

25:35 - Lie - “I need to have perfection to be worthy”

27:06 - Updates & Takeaways

27:35 - Personal Update “Five Years Later…”

30:11 - Takeaway - “We are only stuck because we allow ourselves to be stuck…” 

32:10 Outro 

We would like to give our thanks to Melissa Sheets for participating in Today’s Episode.

Melissa Sheets is Creative Director at Kidbox

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