Reinvention Road Trip

Confessions of an Impostor! Which one are you?

May 28, 2020 Jes Averhart Season 1 Episode 3
Reinvention Road Trip
Confessions of an Impostor! Which one are you?
Show Notes

Everybody's talking about impostor syndrome.  It’s the new phrase we’re throwing around, right?  So, what's all this buzz about.  Impostor Syndrome is a feeling. Bottom line.  A feeling of being a fraud that if not checked, can drive you to make decisions that might hold you back.  

Hold you back from what...?  Pursuing your dream job, starting that blog for millennials, going after that new role in your department or moving to another country to open a little coffee shop.

Impostor Syndrome is a feeling that if gone unchecked can wreak some havoc on your life and have you doubting even the most logical or oblivious more. 

Turns out 70% of Americans suffer from Impostor Syndrome.  Today, I want to help you and hopefully save you some angst along the way.  I’ll share the 5 types of impostors and a few quick tip to overcoming this common feeling of intellectual self-doubt.

Dr. Valerie Young found these subgroups in her book The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women.

·       Perfectionist
·       Superwoman/Superman
·       The natural genius
·       Soloist
·       The Expert

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Imposter Syndrome

0:00 - Introduction Quotation

0:16 - Podcast Introduction

1:00 - Episode Introduction

2:18 - Jes’ 1st Encounter with Imposter Syndrome

4:15 - Feeling like a Fraud

5:12 - The Exit from GE

6:07 - Imposter Syndrome & The Five Types of Imposters

7:49 - The Perfectionist

8:28 - The Superman/woman

9:02 - The Natural Genius

9:45 - The Soloist

10:22 - The Expert

10:48 - Five Types Summary

11:58 - Tips for Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

12:09 - Get Honest

13:35 - Help from a Superstar Friend

16:01 - Focus on Facts not Feelings

17:31 - Know that Sometimes being an Outsider is Normal

19:14 - Know your Highlight Reel

22:16 - Fake it Until You Make It

23:08 - Do away with If-Then Statements

26:00 - Closing

28:35 Outro 

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