Reinvention Road Trip

Crush Your Reinvention! 6 Roadblocks You'll Have to Navigate to Level Up!

June 08, 2020 Jes Averhart Season 1 Episode 1
Reinvention Road Trip
Crush Your Reinvention! 6 Roadblocks You'll Have to Navigate to Level Up!
Show Notes

Welcome to the Reinvention Road Trip with Jes Averhart!  Jes is obsessed with the Road to REINVENTION.  As a Mom, Storyteller, 4th Generation Entrepreneur and member of a Badass Girl Tribe – she uses her flaws and lessons to fuel each incredible life chapter!

Have you been Soul Searching these days?  Daydreaming about what your life could look like if only you could just (fill in the blank)?   Take comfort my friends, you're not alone. 

These days people are taking stock of who they are, how they are contributing to the world around them and wondering if...there's more.  So many of us are dusting off our dreams and now the right time to pursue them? 

Before you dig in, you better know what's in front of you.  When you walk in to this new space there will be roadblocks.  The key is knowing 1.) that they exist 2.) how to navigate them with confidence. 

Step into the New You with your eyes wide open. You deserve to CRUSH your reinvention story!   In this first episode, we'll set the stage for the 6 most common roadblocks you'll encounter and tips to build the right foundation.

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Reinvention Roadblocks

0:06 - Podcast Introduction

0:49 - Episode Introduction

1:54 - Six Reinvention Roadblocks

2:28 - A Fixed Mindset

4:19 - Fear Factor

5:15 - Fear Exercise

6:56 - Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

7:45 - Sacrifice

8:49 - Statistics

10:54 - Fraud-Zilla (Imposter Syndrome)

14:46 - Being Frozen

15:30 - Core Value Asset Mapping

17:09 - Being Flywheel-LESS

18:07 - Do the Next Right Thing

20:27 - Closing

21:46 Outro 

If you would like more information, you can find all things reinvention at where you can join the Reinvention Road Trip. You can also find a link to the Impostor Syndrome Podcast episode there for more information.