Capital Spotlight
Operational vs Capitalized Value Creation in Real Estate
Operational vs Capitalized Value Creation in Real Estate 4:26 Structuring And Raising Debt & Equity For Real Estate 1:20 How is Principal Being Paid Off in Real Estate Private Equity 4:24 Dual Class Vs Dual Tranche Partnership Structures in Private Equity Real Estate 8:58 LSC NYC Summit 2022: What We Have In-Store For This Event? 2:25 Q2 2022 Deal Flow Webinar 36:52 The Passive Investor Guide 1:36 Preferred Return Types in Private Equity Real Estate 7:42 Encore on the Bay and Partnering with Lone Star Capital 21:37 Don't Accept Loan Co-Signs as Skin in the Game 2:08 How To Build and Maintain a Prosperous Relationship with Multifamily Capital Partners 14:19 The Current Interest Rate Environment on Rate Caps 7:21 The Challenges Managing Deal Flow And Capital Constrains 4:47 Don't Cycle Adjust Your Underwriting Adjust Your Strategy 3:39 LSC NY Summit 2022 Announcement 3:26 Rising Demands For Multifamily Real Estate 5:02 3 Key Benefits of Demographic Focus in Real Estate 2:21 Cash Flow Investing 3:55 How To Avoid Capital Calls 12:14 Comparing Investments With Unequal Holds 7:41 Return On Vs Of Capital 5:53 Active Vs. Passive Spectrum 4:10 Shark Tank Deal Pitch 21:04 Lone Star Capital Update Heading Into 2022 4:17 Lone Star's Multifamily Pipeline Process 7:09