The Lone Star Capital Podcast
Founder's Insights E7: Understanding Fixed Rates, Floating Rates, and Bridge Loans
Episode Artwork Founder's Insights E7: Understanding Fixed Rates, Floating Rates, and Bridge Loans 13:19 Episode Artwork E44: The Lone Star Founders’ Story with Kent Piotrkowski 1:11:56 Episode Artwork Fund Friday E23: Unlocking the Potential of Tertiary Markets with Axel Ragnarsson 1:17:28 Episode Artwork Founder's Insights E6: Mastering 1031 Exchanges 8:25 Episode Artwork E43: Finding and Fostering Investment Partnerships: Alan Steinberg's Approach 1:20:05 Episode Artwork Fund Friday E22: Mastering Sales, Real Estate, and Capital Raising with Jeremy Dyer 1:02:43 Episode Artwork Founder's Insights E5: Deciphering Co-Investments, A Guide for Real Estate Savvy Investors 6:43 Episode Artwork E42: Real Estate Financing in Today's Market with Nate Lowy 1:04:20 Episode Artwork Fund Friday E21: Revolutionizing Business Financing with Ken Manesse 1:01:28 Episode Artwork Founder's Insights E4: The Art of Cap Rate Compression 13:32 Episode Artwork E41: Strategic Partnerships in Real Estate: The Power of Aligned Interests with Christopher Mendez 1:32:08 Episode Artwork Fund Friday E20: From Immigrant to Financial Freedom, A Journey of Overcoming Challenges with Madhavi Nade Jain 1:06:31 Episode Artwork Founder's Insights E3: Investor Demands vs. Deal Flow Challenges 13:54 Episode Artwork E40: Investment Space of Affordable Housing Capital 57:13 Episode Artwork Fund Friday E19: How to Attract Capital Investors with Derek Peterson 1:04:59 Episode Artwork Founder's Insights E2: Disintermediation of Private Equity via Syndication 11:25 Episode Artwork Founder's Insights E1: Texas Major Market Nuances and Our Big Mistake with Investors 16:10 Episode Artwork E39: Investing in Texas Real Estate | Sam Morris 1:17:16 Episode Artwork Fund Friday E18: Exploring Due Diligence and Financial Projections with Mathew Owens 1:07:53 Episode Artwork E38: The Value of Partnering and Relationships | Sam Silverman 1:27:29 Episode Artwork Fund Friday E17: Navigating Recessions with Scott Kerico 40:51 Episode Artwork E37: The Value of Promote Crystallization 51:14 Episode Artwork Fund Friday E16: From Single Family Flips to Long-Term Investment Strategies | TJ Burns 50:25 Episode Artwork E36: Raising Interest Rates on Real Estate Deals 1:03:29 Episode Artwork Fund Friday E15: Evaluating Market Deals with Brian Kochendorfer & Danny Baylis 59:07