Sustaining Creativity Podcast

G Wright

November 22, 2022 Season 1 Episode 147
Sustaining Creativity Podcast
G Wright
Show Notes

Creativity through the lens of a Producer and Rock Star Media Trainer

"I don't think you can sit down and be creative. You start with an idea and it turns into a product or a show."

Gregory Wright (aka ‘G’) is a Producer & Rock Star Media Trainer at All Things Relax Studios. 
Along with Sandi D, Queen of Podcast Zen, he shows coaches, creative entrepreneurs & authors how to create a crystal clear message & connect with their audience in the ROCK STAR Media Training program. 
G’s worked with many well known artists & bands as a Tour Manager and Sound Engineer for over 25 years. He’s traveled all over the planet & worked with national & global TV, radio & other media companies who hosted his clients. 
As a Tour Manager, G worked with many publicity departments, publicists, & record labels to prepare the artist (lead singer) for media interviews. Now he’s sharing proven tips & techniques that performers use before they go on stage so that you can use these ROCK STAR ‘moves’ to promote your business, book, or product. 
Throughout his career, G’s learned what makes or breaks a great interview. He shares this information with Band Members (clients) in the Rock Star Media Training program. 

Learn more about how G and Sandi D can help you channel your inner Rock Star. 

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