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Maize - maximising yield potential
Maize - maximising yield potential 13:19 Nitrogen - decisions to be made on final nitrogen applications 14:58 Calcium and Boron - two essential nutrients for top quality potatoes and vegetables 14:43 Micronutrients - don't let them limit cereal yields 11:24 Oilseed nutrition - managing spring nitrogen and other key nutrients 10:59 Sulphur - don't forget about sulphur when planning your nitrogen 14:22 Spring arable fertiliser - deciding on the right rate and timing for first applications of nitrogen and other nutrients 12:16 Economics of arable fertiliser - what is happening and how to deal with a volatile fertiliser market 19:39 Field brassicas - Seasonal advice on top dressing for brassica growers 12:18 Micronutrients - no less important than the macronutrients 11:39 Potassium - essential for water regulation and effective crop nutrition 14:39 Phosphate and Potash - dealing with volatile nutrient prices 14:19 The Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) - working together to produce more from less 16:01 Autumn oilseeds - what can growers do to improve oilseed rape establishment? 11:04 Potatoes need calcium for tuber quality 14:19 Nitrogen - don't be rushed into a hasty decision to buy next season's fertiliser 12:11 Nutrient management - not just a load of mumbo-jumbo - optimising nitrogen efficiency 12:22 Micronutrients - measure to manage approach to managing crop nutrition 13:38 Nitrogen for autumn cereals - deciding on timing and rate for first nitrogen applications 9:48 Potatoes - reducing the environmental impact of next year's potato crop 11:09 Phosphate - availability is fundamental to crop growth 12:41 Micronutrients - a macro effect on crop yield and quality 11:18 Autumn cereals - learning lessons and planning for success 11:00 Potatoes - bulk up your potato crop and target suppliers needs 10:35 Oilseed establishment - get momentum behind your oilseed crop 10:47