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Episode 2: Former RU quarterback Mike Teel
June 05, 2017 John Otterstedt
In our latest episode, we welcome former Rutgers quarterback Mike Teel, who led the Scarlet Knights through much of 2005-2008 and holds many Rutgers records. Before Mike joins us, Bobby and John discuss some of the hot topics trending on the message boards. Highlights: 1:20 - What is your top reason to believe that Rutgers football will be better in 2017? 5:00 - What was the best offense that host Bobby Deren has seen during his time covering Rutgers? 5:45 - Will New Jersey be more prominently featured in the new Adidas uniforms and Rutgers gear? Is it a good move? 8:26 - What should fans expect from the new director of recruiting communications, Omar Hales? 11:30 - Mike Teel joins the podcast!
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