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Episode 3: The Rutgers camp season is here!
June 14, 2017 John Otterstedt
In today's episode, we take a look at the lineup of camps held by Chris Ash and his Scarlet Knight football program. What is the point of the camps? How can the program benefit? We also discuss new commit Zihir Lacewell and explore some of the topics discussed on the message board.
1:22 - What is the format of Rutgers' football camps this year?
2:15 - What are the early observations from camp? What's the talent level? Who has raised their stock?
8:45 - How does the camp system help Chris Ash build a winner at Rutgers?
10:45 - What are the early thoughts on captains for the 2017 football season?
13:00 - Are leaders developing on the team?
15:00 - What changes can we expect as the team hits the practice field this summer?
17:00 - How does Richie Schnyderite see recruiting shape up this year?
17:50 - What does national recruiting analyst Mike Farrell think about the camp season,and Rutgers' place in it?
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