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Episode 5: Rutgers Round Table Rundown!
July 05, 2017 John Otterstedt
In today's episode, we are taking a stroll down the front page of the site, as well as the topics being discussed on our Round Table message board. We start things off by discussing Carlton Agudosi, exploring why the head coach of the Cardinals had this to say about him: “That’s a big, tall fast guy that should have had big numbers in college.” From there, we look at some of the biggest losses to graduation, the uptick in recruiting, recruiting rankings, Bobby's #1 reason to be excited about this upcoming season and much more! Highlights: 2:27: What happened to Carlton Agudosi? 6:00: Which recent Rutgers grads have the best shot of making it in the NFL? 11:30: Does Rutgers have a shot to rise in the recruiting rankings? 21:30: What is Jerry Kill looking for in a quarterback? 22:50: How is the Rutgers OL looking for 2017? 25:00: Which player departures will be the hardest to replace? 32:45: Heading into the new season, what are the reasons to fear? What are the reasons to hope?
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