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Episode 10: Rutgers Recruiting Roundup
August 25, 2017 John Otterstedt, Bobby Deren, Shawn Brown
We welcome Scarlet Nation recruiting gurus Shawn Brown and Bobby Deren to the podcast to discuss the Scarlet Knights' 2018 recruiting class. How has Coach Ash and his staff been doing on the recruiting trail? Let's find out!

Here is what you can expect in this episode:
:55 - What does Shawn think of the recruiting class thus far?
2:00 - Are any of the 3 star commits worthy of a 4th star?
3:45 - What does Bobby Deren think about the recruiting class?
5:50 - Is Rutgers casting a wide net with their scholarship offers?
8:40 - What does Bobby think about Rutgers' recruiting strategy in the state of New York?
10:00 - Who is the top offensive player currently committed to Rutgers? 12:20 - Is it possible that one of the Scarlet Knights' top offensive prospects will get a look on defense?
13:40 - Who is the top defensive player currently committed to Rutgers?
15:55 - Which player in the recruiting class is flying under the radar?
19:15 - Which 4 star prospects might be added to the 2018 recruiting class?
23:05 - Which area of need has best been addressed by this recruiting class?
24:00 - Which coaches are killing it on the recruiting trail?
26:20 - Should Rutgers concentrate more on the parochials or publics?
28:00 - Which schools in South Jersey are the top recruiting priorities?
30:00 - Should Rutgers expand the "State of Rutgers" or double its efforts in New Jersey?

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