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Episode 11: Rutgers raises money and builds for the future
September 08, 2017 John Otterstedt
All Rutgers fans want Rutgers to compete at the highest level. To do that, they need money. There will be an influx shortly when the Scarlet Knights receive their equal share of B1G revenue. However, they still won't be on an even keel when it comes to alumni donations. In recent years, the administration has been making inroads to energizing the fan base and raising revenue. This has resulted in some big goals, including those highlighted on the website. In today's podcast, we talk to one of the fans who is making it his mission to raise money, raise awareness, and connect other fans to the school's fundraising efforts. Jon Newman will give you an inside glimpse into what the school is up to, how he is contributing, and what we can expect to see in terms of on-campus renovations and improvements. This is an awesome inside look into where Rutgers has been, and where it is going.
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