Casa De Confidence Podcast

How to embrace your dream and take charge with Christina Kaye

March 12, 2023 Episode 167
Casa De Confidence Podcast
How to embrace your dream and take charge with Christina Kaye
Show Notes

Lately, it feels like many people are forgoing their dreams because they are too busy with everyday life.

This past week, I have also experienced how easily things can change from everyday mundane routines to a new normal.

No matter the circumstance, I want to encourage you not to lose sight of your dreams, hopes, and desires.

It is easy to have these things get lost in the shuffle of life. For many years, I fell into the trap of losing sight of my dreams. I kept saying that when the time was right when the right things fell into place, I would write my book, start a business, chase becoming a speaker... 

The truth is that we can only guarantee our next best moment. The proverbial present moment is the only thing we can count on.

Today on the podcast, I interviewed Christina Kaye. She is committed to helping people realize their dream of becoming authors.

Take it from me; writing a book is a challenging process. It is a humbling experience but totally worth it.

As I sit here in the common area of the rehab facility where I am visiting my mom, I cannot help to be reminded of how fragile life can be.

I wonder if this place is where we can find aspiring authors, world travelers, or phenomenal entrepreneurs. If so, my message to them is the same one I have for you today.

It is never too late to make your dream a reality.

Be a dream getter... don't let life get in the way...

Be willing to believe that what you want to accomplish is possible.

In today's podcast episode of Casa De Confidence, you will hear my conversations with an incredible woman helping those who dream of writing a book a reality.

I want to challenge you to dream about the possibilities. I want to encourage you to ask yourself, "how can I?" instead of saying, "I can't do that because..."

You can and you will...

I was hoping you could reply to this message and let me know what dream you want to come to life. Sometimes, sharing secrets helps to put the wheels in motion to make it happen. I am also here to cheer you on in your journey.

Don't forget my favorite saying: "Go Confidently in the Direction of your Dreams."

About our guest:
With well over a decade working in the publishing industry and as an award-winning author, Christina Kaye uses her cache of knowledge and experience to help those who want to become authors improve their writing skills, write more compelling stories, and launch successful self-publishing careers.

She does this one-on-one through her author coaching and mentoring services, public speaking engagements, blog, and social media content, including her popular Tik Tok accou

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