Casa De Confidence Podcast

From Imposter Syndrome to Self-Compassion: Finding your VOICE with Paul N Larsen

June 18, 2023 Julie DeLucca-Collins Episode 181
Casa De Confidence Podcast
From Imposter Syndrome to Self-Compassion: Finding your VOICE with Paul N Larsen
Show Notes

In this episode of the Casa De Confidence podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing Paul Larsen, a coach with over 30 years of experience with Fortune 500 companies.

We discussed the importance of finding our inner voice and intuition, imposter syndrome, the impact of toxic leadership, and the importance of responding rather than reacting in daily life.

We stressed the importance of embodying our values, self-compassion, and taking care of ourselves first so that we can take care of others. Paul offered advice on managing a toxic work environment and invited listeners to connect with him on his website and social media platforms.

Paul's coaching philosophy and imposter syndrome [00:03:25] Paul discusses his coaching philosophy, which involves finding one's inner voice and intuition, and how he has lived with imposter syndrome his whole life.

The role of saboteurs in our lives [00:07:05] Julie and Paul discuss the importance of making friends with our saboteurs and understanding that they are there to protect us. They also touch on the different types of saboteurs, including the judge, people pleaser, and controller.

Crafting an Artful Vision [00:16:43] Paul discusses the importance of finding one's inner voice and crafting an artful vision for oneself, whether in a corporate role, pursuing an academic degree, or starting a business.

Dealing with Friction Inside [00:14:56] Paul talks about how individuals in iconic organizations can get lost and struggle with their values and internal validation and how he helps them deal with the friction inside.

No Regrets [00:11:35] Paul shares his philosophy of having no regrets and utilizing every experience to learn and grow, even if it is uncomfortable or tragic.

Leadership and Imposter Syndrome [00:18:33] Julie and Paul discuss the impact of a high-powered leader who made everyone around her question their worth and how imposter syndrome can be exacerbated in such situations.

Trust and Values in Organizations [00:21:46] Julie shares her experience of creating a mission statement, vision, and values for her company after being laid off, and Paul emphasizes the importance of trust and values in organizations.

Managing in a Volatile Environment [00:26:55] Paul coaches on how to manage in a volatile environment where values may not be congruent with ours, and how to deal with survivor guilt in the face of layoffs.

Responding vs. Reacting [00:27:56] Paul discusses the importance of responding to situations rather than reacting to them and how it can lead to transformation.

Challenges in Coaching [00:32:52] Julie asks Paul about the cha

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