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How can you overcome emotional eating and find freedom? PAULA YOLLES

November 12, 2023 Paula Yolles Episode 203
Casa De Confidence Podcast
How can you overcome emotional eating and find freedom? PAULA YOLLES
Show Notes

I had the pleasure of hosting Paula, a beacon of hope for those struggling with emotional eating. She's the owner and head coach of Body Mind Food Freedom and the founder of the End Emotional Eating Sisterhood.

Paula's journey is one of resilience and transformation. She candidly shared her personal battle with emotional eating, which began in her childhood and continued into her adult life. A friend's honest confrontation sparked Paula's journey towards self-growth and healing.

Here are some key takeaways from our conversation:

  1. Personal Transformation is a Continuous Journey: Paula emphasized that healing is not a one-time fix but a continuous process. It's about meeting yourself where you are, without self-judgment.
  2. The Power of Morning Routines: Paula shared her morning routine, which includes grounding exercises, gentle stretching, meditation, and tapping. She stressed the importance of prioritizing oneself and nourishing the mind and soul.
  3. Addressing Trauma: We discussed the importance of addressing the trauma trapped in the bodies of emotional eaters. Paula's work is a testament to the power of healing through understanding and addressing emotional eating without shame.
  4. Connect with Paula: If you're seeking support and guidance, Paula encourages you to join the End Emotional Eating Sisterhood on Facebook or follow her on Instagram.

I'm incredibly grateful for Paula's openness and commitment to helping others. Her story is a testament to the power of resilience and the possibility of transformation. I encourage you to listen to this episode, connect with Paula, and share the show with your friends.

Remember, pursuing your dreams confidently is the first step towards achieving them.

Connect with Paula of Body Mind Food Freedom:


Facebook Group: End Emotional Eating Sisterhood  

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Instagram: @paulayolles

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