Casa DeConfidence Podcast

Ep1 This is me! Julie

April 23, 2020 Julie and Dan on the first episode Season 1 Episode 1
Casa DeConfidence Podcast
Ep1 This is me! Julie
Casa DeConfidence Podcast
Ep1 This is me! Julie
Apr 23, 2020 Season 1 Episode 1
Julie and Dan on the first episode

Welcome, as Julie introduces herself and what CasaDePodcast is all about!

Show Notes Transcript

Welcome, as Julie introduces herself and what CasaDePodcast is all about!

Julie:   0:01
Welcome to the Casa De-Confidence podcast. A podcast for women, about going in the direction of your dreams and the confidence it takes to reach them. I am your host, Julie DeLuca Collins. I am a dreamer, A traveler visionary. Risk-taker. I am a lover of books, activists, philanthropists, and, most of all, a supporter of women in their dreams. If you've stumbled into our Casa for the first time, Welcome. If you've been here before, so glad you're back. Grab your drink of choice. Settle in and make yourself at home.

Julie:   0:48
Hi, everybody. This is Julie.  I'm so go out of your join me. Welcome to my first podcast. I'm so excited. This has definitely been a dream of mine. And why not? This is the time. I am joined today by my producer partner in crime and hashtag handsome hot husband. Some of you may know my husband, Dan.

Dan:   1:11
Hey, this is Dan Collins, Julie's husband. I'm so excited for her. I'm so glad that she is starting this podcast. It ought to be a lot of fun for you. For her, For me? Certainly. I just have two questions for you. One. What do you drinking?

Julie:   1:28
I'm drinking coffee after four o'clock,

Dan:   1:33
you're breaking your rules.

Julie:   1:34
I am breaking my role. But for whatever reason, they still have some coffee and it tastes really good. So I'm drinking it as you will know if you get to know me. And I hope you do because I am a fun person to get to know I do not drink coffee after three o'clock because it will keep me up all night. Not that I really have been sleeping honestly. For whatever reason. 3 a.m. My body is wide awake and it's like, Hello. World is 3 a.m. Let's just be awake. Which annoys me till know when? Because the person sleeping next to me, they're sleeping so soundly. It's ridiculous.

Dan:   2:14
I thought this is a  secret. Free zone,

Julie:   2:18
huh? I don't know about that. How am I going to make a good podcast if I can't share juicy details? But then again, this is not about you. It's about me. So back to me.

Dan:   2:30
Thank you. I appreciate that. Anyhow, although I am excited for this podcast for you, I want to know why Podcast now.

Julie:   2:42
Why now? I've always wanted a new podcast. I started listening to podcasts back in 2000 and one and two or something. I lived in New York at the time. I know bringing up New York already, but I just love them. I love listening to people share their stories or Informa's or teachers. And this is the right time. Why not?

Dan:   3:10
I just got this vision of you strutting down the streets of New York with your 2lb iPod in its a little case with strap like a purse jamming out to your ipad.

Julie:   3:22
That's my iPod. You mean, I

Dan:   3:25
I pod, Whatever is Yeah, I know.

Julie:   3:27
I know.

Dan:   3:28
Before the days of I've had on iPhones social.

Julie:   3:33
Sure, I miss that iPod. That was my for Oh, my goodness. It was like, the best thing ever. It had a little pink case, and it was engraved with my name in the back. I happen to have lost that and grieved for that. To this day.

Dan:   3:49
It's nice to have something that big that could hold at least 300 songs on it.

Julie:   3:54
I had more than 300 songs. You gotta be kidding me. I don't know whatever, but I lost it in Lincoln Center and I was on my hands and knees on that balcony looking for that frickin iPod did not find it. So whoever founded you're welcome. I gave you a good selection of country pop, rap, R and B classical. Jimmy Buffett, of course. Lots of Jimmy Buffett and Bon Jovi. Let's not forget. Well, if it went to a good home, I'm fine with it. So this podcast and every podcasts every episode of should I say we'll start off with a quote, I will plan on interviewing different women in talking to them about confidence and their dreams and how to go about getting them, cause there's a lot of really cool women who have build and stepped on different paths to get to their dreams and their made them a reality. And they continue to hustle and do the things. And some of them are moms at home, and some of them are out in the world. But I want to know what makes someone a confident dreamer, and this is what that podcast is about. The first thing that I'm gonna do is I'm gonna ask my guest. And today my guest is Julie Luca Collins. I will ask them what their favorite quote in life is.

Dan:   5:26
Oh, I am the voice of Julie. DeLucca-Collins today.

Julie:   5:29
Oh, no. You asked me what my quote is.

Dan:   5:32
Oh, okay. So it's nice that you came today. I hope you came with a quote because I heard that Julie do Look, Collins is asking for any guests to come with a quote. So what quote did you come with today?

Julie:   5:47
I came with my life Quote There's a quote If you know me, you probably already know what it is. But this is the quote that I first heard from my dad. And I remember when he first told me this quote I'll never forget. We were in the car driving to New York from D. C. And he had a new no, we what we were talking about. And somehow he said, This quote always reminds me of you, sweetie. No, he would say, Honey, whatever. And he he said, Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined by Henry David Thoreau. And my dad would love to read. And he definitely had this deep side of him. And I remember just thinking like, Oh like that. That's a cool thing, But I don't know if I'm confident. I don't see. And at the time I must have been, like 20 or so and certainly confidence in confident was never something that I would imagine by. My dad went on to say that he felt that I was so brave that he always pictured how I had this bravery inside me, despite of my fears, and that I always did the things that he was sometimes afraid of doing. And here someone who had traveled the world, who had done so many different things, telling me that I was brave. So from then on, I've adopted that, and it's been my life. Quote. If you have ever received an email for me, you know it's in my email signature, and I have it in many different places. And sometimes when I'm afraid of a path, or sometimes when I feel that the road is difficult or unachievable, I go back to that and I remember go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined for many of us. We imagine life and we think of an ideal, and we think that maybe it's not possible to make it come true. But, you know, we're not Cinderella. For the love of God. We don't have to wait around for a shoot of fit us. We can go shopping and find choices and make the shoe right for us. So that is my life quote Daniel.  

Dan:   8:05
It's a great quote.

Julie:   8:06
I know it's from the book Walden, by the way,

Dan:   8:09
which is in Massachusetts, right outside of Boston.

Julie:   8:12
Waldon is not in Massachusetts. Oh, walden the town  ok whatever  I I thought you men walled in the book. I'm like Walden. Walden could be found in libraries. Do you know those?

Dan:   8:24
He wrote it on Walden Pond right outside of Boston.

Julie:   8:26
That's correct. But jeans it because you told me that Dan, as you would know, happens to have, like, all this information. But he for whatever reason, when we go to trivia night, we don't win. Like what good is that information If you're not gonna win

Dan:   8:45
because typically, I make up half of it and she believes

Julie:   8:49
for the love. Fine. Okay, next question.

Dan:   8:55
Next question. So I know you're speaking about a father and how much of an influence he's had in your life. Who else has had an influence? You know, life, who the most and why?

Julie:   9:10
As a strong woman, which is a term that I identified myself with. The biggest influence from an early age was my mom's mom, my grandmother. Her name was Margarita, and from an early age we lived in all solder with her, and I got to see someone who it waas difficult. In a country where most women did not have jobs other than working in the home she had, she was a force to be reckoned with. My grandmother was a teacher. She owned her own school. She was a concert pianist. She volunteered for many different organizations. She was very independent. She didn't marry until her early forties, which in the 19 forties made her an old maid. But she didn't care because she was so set on going after her dreams and from an early age. She also taught me that as a woman I could do anything I set my mind to in for me. I saw independence and I saw strength, and I saw Grace, my grandmother, also at the age of 75. Was it 75? No, she turned 70 at age of 70. She again was having a great life in. She was diagnosed with cancer and had her leg amputated. I remember very vividly that she went from being a woman that loved to play the piano. When would dance with my grandfather to all of a sudden, I visited her in the hospital, and I had this memory of someone who was a skeleton of who I remembered. Many people didn't think my grandmother would make it, but she did in when she came out and recovered. She not only had a leg amputated in the early 19 seventies, but she learned toe walk with a prosthetic. She never let that keeper. Now she continued to go about her life, continue to run a school, continue to help women continue to just be her best self, and help those around her be the best version of themselves. And that's what I saw. And that's what I aspired my whole life to be, someone who can continue to support other women, teach other women, build up other women, and be the best version of herself. A swell. So that's probably who was influenced me the most. Um, my grandmother went on to win the Woman of the Year award for the country in 1980 81 and it was amazing, and it was amazing to see that. So I'm not looking for any awards, but I'm just looking to make an impact on my life and in the life of others, because I can. And that was the other lesson that she gave me that to those much given. Much is expected, and I'm so blessed like I have so much compared to other people. Right? And I have had a wealth of experiences that I want to share it. I want to give to others.

Dan:   12:40
Oh, that's great. It's amazing. That sounds like she was inspiration for you to become a dreamer, to have a great life yourself, more importantly, to affect the lives of others. And I know you told me stories about your grandmother, about the students that she affected and some of the students that still speak with you today about what your grandmother's done for them.

Julie:   13:08
Yeah, and and to me, it fills my heart with great joy to know that people now and listen. She's been gone. Let me think 30 three years. So the fact that she is still living in the lessons and the the inspiration that she gave to people, it just feels my heart and I and I love that in I want others to have the opportunity to continue to build others up. It's amazing.

Dan:   13:48
So, speaking of dreams and dreaming and dreaming for yourself and for others, what kind of dreams have you been able to accomplish in your life so far? Well, in how many more you got left, I need to know for the future,

Julie:   14:04
I don't think I'm ever going to stop dreaming. And second of all, I do have a lot left. So what have I accomplished? I would say one of the biggest accomplishments that I have had is actually going to Spain, and I haven't finished this dream, but I sort of consider it kind of checked off, but it needs to be checked off again. I started with a girlfriend of mine, Dr Mill, a pilgrimage in Spain in the Camino de Santiago. And most people would like what? You're gonna walk in Spain and yeah, I walked in Spain, and it was hard as # how we decided If this is an R rated podcast yet

Julie:   14:54
jury still out on that one.

Julie:   14:56
Because, you know, I love Jesus, but I do say shit  a lot.

Julie:   15:00
That's PG 13 now.

Julie:   15:01
Okay, let's go with that.

Julie:   15:03
Brought up religion and cussing.

Julie:   15:08
Yeah. Okay. Well, that's me. What can I tell you? It's how I operate. But so walking the Camino de Santiago was definitely a dream that I didn't know I had until my friend Melissa came and said, Hey, do you wanna walk the Camino de Santiago? And I went and I checked it out and I watched the movie the way with Martin Sheen and Mike I'm in. I am in for this. Let's go, Let's travel! And it was amazing. The year after that, I was I did not walk the Camino, but I did a triathlon. I always thought, Hey, I wanted to a travel on and certainly the elephant in the room. And for those who know, may know that I am not trim and fit. But I am a little fit more than trim, and I was able to accomplish most people would say, Oh, my gosh, I'm overweight. I can't do this. But I did it. I have a coach. Um, and I love her. And thanks to her support, her encouragement and all the work that she has helped me with, I was able to come up with the knowledge that I could go after that. So I I am a triathlete. Another dream is I went back to Spain. Oh, don't clap at me. Stop it. Don't give me a round of applause. I'm not telling you that. So you can clap for me.

Dan:   16:33
You deserved it,

Julie:   16:35
ma, and almost died doing that? Uh, no, Just kidding. Well, I fell off my bike and for those who you know me, You know, I'm clumsy

Dan:   16:44
now as a disclaimer here. If she tells you a story about falling or have having fallen, that's just par for the course. She falls a lot. She says she has a missing bone in her foot. And, uh, in that little missing bone causes instability and she falls, which is

Julie:   17:05
all right. Enough about me

Dan:   17:07
on our wedding speech from from one of the one of the maidens of Honor. Because there were three Matron or matrons. I don't know. There's a lot of people up there.

Julie:   17:22
Important people with their

Dan:   17:23
whole toast had to do with how Julie fell down in a restaurant in Mexico. Ah, wow.

Julie:   17:31
We're gonna have to have her on the podcast, and she could tell the story. So stay tuned for that. But going back to my dreams, I'm a yoga teacher. I never thought I could.

Dan:   17:43
She doesn't follows much anymore,

Julie:   17:45
because I do yoga, and it gives me more stability for sure.

Dan:   17:49
So I really shouldn't joke about it anymore.

Julie:   17:53
No, you should not.  

Dan:   17:54
But I will.  

Julie:   17:56
Oh, really? Go. What else do you want to know? Daniel.

Dan:   18:02
So what dreams do you have left in front of you?

Julie:   18:08
So I will get my Compostela and go back to the community, Santiago. With or without you? For sure. All right, well, you know, if I decide to go and you're not ready to go, I'm gonna go without you. Because that's what my grandmother would have done. She would have just gone without my grandfather because my grandfather, he would just shake his, you know, shrugs, has his shoulders and say OK, do what you must, but I know you don't do that.

Julie:   18:38
Yeah, really?

Dan:   18:40
 I just shrugged

Julie:   18:41
He did.  

Dan:   18:42
Just a shrug

Julie:   18:43
I'm going back to the Camino. But so here's a dream. And here's a lesson for everyone. Many times we set out these dreams and we think to ourselves. Okay, I'm gonna accomplish this by this date. And when we don't, we become so let down on ourselves, right? We decide this is not the dream for us. Guess what? It's not about the fact that maybe we didn't make the dream happen in the time line that we thought we were going to. It's about moving the date of the accomplishing. Your goal. So I said when I turned 40 I was going to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and I didn't. I went through a divorce, so I was busy, so I couldn't really go to Kilimanjaro. And for 10 years I knew that I wanted to do that. But then I I had all these other things that I wanted to accomplish, right, Like the Camino in other stuff. So I moved the goal and I was gonna go out climb Kilimanjaro when I turned 50 which is soon put well, the world is closed, so I'm not flying across the world to Africa. Amount to ca Mt. Kilimanjaro. However, I will tell you my treadmill has a virtual climb and I have done that and I am getting ready because Kili, I am coming for you.

Dan:   20:11
I've witnessed firsthand the enormity of your confidence. I see it on a daily basis. I see you in your strongest moments in your weakest moments. That's part of being in a relationship part of me and together. But I see you when you are confident. You're like a dog on a bone. And I I hear you because you worked at home for the last couple of years, and I I see run these meetings and I'm incredibly impressed watching you be the general calling the shots and in collaborating in the same breath, you know, it's impressive watch in every time I see you working, I say While she knows what she's doing, she knows she knows, and she works with that kind of confidence. I see that confidence in your personal life. Also question is, do you feel that you're confident? Are you truly a confident person?

Julie:   21:15
That is Ah, excellent question and Yes, you you better than anybody else in the world have seen me and my best. And at my worst, you have seen me in a ball on the bed just in my lowest. But confidence comes from those moments. Confidence comes from knowing that the world just beat the crap out of you and then pushing back the covers, getting up and walking out the door. And yes, I would say I am a very confident person. I Asai alluded to before I'm certainly not a size two. And I will jump up on stage and sing my heart out in karaoke E and I will dance my heart out and shake my booty because I loved Indians and I love to sing And I don't sound very good. You certainly don't want to hear me. But I will think for you if you want me to. Not right now. No Florida. But I I I think that that you know what this is me and this is who I am. And if I If I don't live my life off as authentically then I'm not enjoying myself and the confidence I will tell you when I speak in front of people. And I'm speaking about something that I know and I know my ship. I know no one else can talk about what I'm talking about because I know it. And if I don't know what, I learn it. And if I don't know it well enough, the more I talk about it, the more I learn it. And I think that that's the whole lesson when I have pushed myself to do the things that I'm not comfortable in. So for instance, when I did the triathlon, it was Don't get impressed. Don't be impressed. It was only like, I don't know, 500 meters, 200 meters. There was nothing. It was like a swim in the pool, and I learned to swim from my dad. My dad taught me to swim when I was 14 but because I had already, you know, some near drowning experience, as I wasn't really confident in my swimming. And I still cannot dive into a pool because I think I'm gonna hit my head and I'm so afraid I belly flop in. So I decided that because I was going to do this triathlon, I needed to take swimming lessons. So I went and I took swimming lessons at the why and I show up. And then the swimming coach was like teaching people how to, like, do basic stuff that I already knew. And if you have ever taking a disc profile personality profile, I am a D. And I am an eye, which is, like, dominant and very extroverted, right? Uh, an influencer, which is what the I stands for. And I was like, Oh, my God, Mr You gotta be kidding me. You're teaching me how toe blow bubbles in the water. I had no patience for that, but I stuck to the class and then I thought, Alright, I'm done with this. I think I can figure this out in. I ended up trying to find a different solution for learning how to do the breathing in the water. So I said, Dan, can you come to the why with me and be my coach What you did and Oh, my gosh, he has a hard coach. But you just find a different solution, right? And in I was not confident that I'll tell you, I was like, Okay, I'm getting better. I'm getting better until the day that the triathlon happened, right? And as we're standing there, we the swimming was gonna be the first event, and I I went to South Carolina. I met a group of gals some like the most amazing women that I love that I hang out with. And here we are and we're all standing. And I had to, like, sort of rate what my swimming was like and I raided myself in the middle. I wasn't an expert, but I wasn't a beginner, certainly, right? So we're standing there and then all of a sudden, the first women jump into the pool, and when I saw those women, I thought, Oh my God and I started to freak the heck out because I was not at their level. These were like Olympic swimmers, graceful, fast. And I thought, Holy shit, What the hell did I do now? See, it's PG for sure, and I started to really freak out and I thought, I don't know if I can do this. I don't think I could do this, and all of a sudden my girlfriend turned to me and said, Honey, you know those marathons where the African people always come first. Those were the people who are the fast runners we are in the back. We're just gonna make it. So I realized, like, Okay, guess what The Line is moving in? I can't be concentrating on how everybody else is swimming. I need to swim in my own lane, which is what I did. And I did my best, and I continued to push forward, and I finished my laps, and I ran out of that pool to get to the next event. And I think that that's what really happens in life. We really have to stop focusing on what other people are doing, and we need to focus on Hey, I practiced. I know how to do this in. I will do it. But I can't be watching somebody else. Because if I'm watching somebody else, I'm not paying attention to what I'm doing. So that is how I feel that I am confident I focus on what I can do. And I focused on what I have done to prepared, and I focused on just showing up the best. Did I bore you with that?

Dan:   26:53
Oh, sorry. Wow. I was just thinking about when we were training for swimming. You figured out that you could swim well and you could breathe while you just couldn't do it at the same time. Well, and that was what you had to learn and you learned it. That was great. It's a great point you made about that. You watch these other people that are proficient in ah in do things well, and one person may do something incredibly well, and you're just starting out. It's like watching Santana play guitar when you just bought your first guitar.

Julie:   27:32
That's a good analogy, Daniel,

Dan:   27:33
and you give users give up that guitar before even have calluses.

Julie:   27:38
That's why I keep you around. You have good analogies and you bring me back. Thank you.

Dan:   27:44
We talked about the dreams that you had accomplished, and we actually touched on what dreams that you're looking for to some of the failures of life made getting to those dreams more possible. What kind of failures have paved the way to your dreams?

Julie:   28:05
I think that the biggest failures that I have are the failures that I really beat myself up for, and I think that as a woman, many of us tend to do this right when we fail, it's something. We continue to beat ourselves up and beat ourselves up and create these tapes in our brain that keep saying how we don't measure up. But the reality is that the failures are the ones as long as we allow them to to be teachers make us stronger. I remember when I was in high school our youth leader took us on a hiking trip, and one of the biggest failures I had during that trip is that I really hated it. I really hated every day of the trip, but it's probably one of the best lessons I've had in my life in one of the best trips I've had in my life. I think that other failures in my life I had a failed marriage behind me, and that was certainly a big failure because I never imagined that I would get married at 29 and by 49 0 no, wait 39 49 now at 39 that I would I would be

Dan:   29:18
how old are you now?

Julie:   29:19

Dan:   29:21
Thats right  

Julie:   29:22
I'm a golden girl soon to be anyway, but that's a big failure, and that's that failure of a marriage. Help me paved the way into being the wife that I am now. It's taught me a lot about given take. It's taught me a lot about compromise. It's taught me a lot about communication it's taught me about Oh so many things. My good wife.

Dan:   29:53
I'm just thinking. Are you calling me one of your dreams?

Julie:   29:56
Oh, you are the dream. Daniel Hashtag handsome hot husband. I won the husband lottery. I did, I did. And listen, let's be real. It's not easy to be married to me.

Dan:   30:12
No, I'm not disagreeing with you, okay? Just basking in the glory

Julie:   30:17
you're basking in the glory of the Lord. But But no, it's not easy to, you know, have practiced marriages. And that was certainly have made us better spouses for each other. The fact that we learned from our mistakes and we learned and it wasn't a mistake I mean, what we what happened, happened, right? But here we are. So what else has paid my way? Oh, when I was a shitty boss, I've been a shitty boss in learning to be better or learning, you know? And listen, I think I'm a nice person I think that I've done some things well, but I think I've done some things that need to be better. And I learned from that and I learned to be Oh, you're you're not gonna believe this. I've learned to be humble. Why do you laugh? I can't be humble. I've learned to ask for forgiveness too. It's true. And I've learned to say I'm wrong. Yes, because when you met me, really, would you have believed? And what I would you have ever imagined, that I would say I'm wrong

Dan:   31:30
to your credit, you had never been married toe someone that was always right before.

Dan:   31:35
Oh, okay, sure. Let's let you believe that today, Daniel.  

Dan:   31:42
I was thinking of one thing that should be addressed the time. Right now we're a month in to working from home. I know I've been home for for almost four weeks now.

Julie:   31:55
It's been four weeks.

Dan:   31:57
Almost, um, because of the coveted 19. Stay at home. Stay away from each other. Don't get each other sick quarantine. What do you thought? So know how you feeling? How's it going

Julie:   32:13
for an extra vert being home away? That's been a joy. It's has been a joy to be with you, but I I guess for me because I worked from home for so long, it wasn't that big of a switch to be home. The big switch has been not being able to be out and about and do social and be social because I really like that.

Dan:   32:38
You can only have so many quarantinies by yourself.

Julie:   32:42
Yeah, I know. Plus, listen, I'm not gonna lie. The dogs are driving me crazy, and I love them because we're my babies, but, wow, the other thoughts Ihave on the whole Kobe thing is that ah, lot of people are focusing on how terrible things are. But I think that this is Oh, speak of the dogs. Thank you, Yogi. You wanted to participate. That's Yogi Bear Collins. And he is a mama's boy. Wow. Seriously. Unbelievable. So we were focusing on all the negative and the things, and yes, I just said, Oh, I kind of miss my social life and ideo. But at the same time, I think that this is a great opportunity to really be able to focus on what's important. And really, I've been able to connect with a lot of friends and people I love and family in a way that has certainly, um, really fill my bucket and and I feel loved and I feel connected. And it certainly has been a challenge to make sure that we're planning along. But im #allinApril, which is our hashtag for my, for fo the group that I belong to Groups Up. I am coached by Corrine Crabtree from the No Bs, Losing 100lbs with Corinne Crabtree and she's been my coach and mentor for many years. And, um, she has definitely given us oh, a lot of support and making sure that we are making the best of the quarantine time. So

Dan:   34:45
this first podcast episode one of the Casa Dei confidence cast basically is trying to introduce you guys, everyone to whom? Julius. Um, now that's kind of ah, big task in a small task at the same time, because if you meet her once, you know who she is. But if you really want to get to know her, she'll surprise you every day. Um,

Julie:   35:15
are you trying to say that I'm like an onion, that you peel the layers

Dan:   35:18
and No, cause you don't like onions

Julie:   35:20
Oh, my gosh. I hate

Dan:   35:21
I never call you an onion. Wow. More

Julie:   35:24
like you know, I don't like onions

Dan:   35:27
for more like a turnip. Now you've kind of got layers, right?

Julie:   35:32
I would say lettuce. Yeah, gotta cabbage cabbage. And could be cabbage. Cabbage is good.

Dan:   35:40
Nice cabbage salad right now. So good.

Julie:   35:42
We had cabbage in fridge anyway, hows it going being a plant based eater.

Dan:   35:49
Really? You gotta go there.

Julie:   35:50
How is the dream of yours?

Dan:   35:52
There was not a dream of mine. It was a decision of mine

Julie:   35:55
at this station of yours. So

Dan:   35:56
about 2.5 months ago, just let me know what Julie's talking about. I actually switched to a plant based diet, as an experiment to see what would happen. And good things are happening for me. Um uh, it's been pretty good. I got a physical. Next month, we'll see what happens. It's all part of the experiment. Look at the blood work. So my cholesterol is in my family. That's always been an issue.

Julie:   36:24
Well, it says you sure that I'm happy that you're taking care of. Yes. Could you come true for me? check

Dan:   36:31
e o Another dream just for you. That's right. So? So this podcast is starting today.

Julie:   36:40
Today? Today. Hey, did you know that in 10 days it's my birthday?

Dan:   36:47
Yes, I know that its your birthday in 10days. But when people hear this podcast, it might not be that time.

Julie:   36:56
Well, April 26th if people want to know everybody,

Dan:   37:02
Julie has a birthday month. This all goes back to the to the Covid thing. One day Julie comes to me and she's crying, just still kind of dealing with the covid thing in the beginning when she realized that plans were, ah, changing and initially should ah, book the birthday party for May 16 16th which is from a full month after Julie's birthday.

Julie:   37:35
Not a full monthl month from today?

Dan:   37:39
Oh, not a whole lot. Yes, you're correct. A month from today and because of difference. Different situations. Um, we booked the birthday party. She wanted have a much more grand event, and she booked the event, and it was it's all well in Great, but she wasn't satisfied. She was sad a little bit about that not, having the event that she wanted and then that does. She dreamed of. Let's party, he theme. The coved thing happened. Now the party. It's not gonna happen on that date at the venue we're gonna have. We might still be socially separated, and she came to me about three weeks ago. She was drying. She's like, God is punishing the world because I was not satisfied with the birthday party I was getting.  

Julie:   38:37
I was kidding. I was more crying over the fact that I looked and put it into perspective and realize that a month ago or more than that, right? Like three months ago, I was moaning about like, a birthday party, and there's so many other things are important in the world, and I think that this is a lesson that happens to me all the time, right? Like I plain and sometimes things are not the way I want him to be. But I have so much to be thankful for, and I have so much that I'm blessed over and I have a home and I have so many advantages that a lot of people don't have, And right now there's a lot of people who are not working or eating for that matter and it really breaks my heart. And I could dwell on feeling like a bad person because I I wanted a party for myself. But I choose to dwell on the things that I can change. And I choose to do all the things that I can help others with.

Dan:   39:43
Good perspective to have. Um

Julie:   39:48
sorry. Don't you know you go

Dan:   39:51
speaking of circumstances way? No. A lot of people in this time right now with a screeching economy have either been out of work or lost their jobs, and I actually thank and I, um we need to appreciate those people who are still working and working to serve us, not hospital people in the hospitals, people in service industries. And make sure you think those people they're they're doing there

Julie:   40:27
in the front lines

Dan:   40:28
there, doing a hard hazardous work. Um, and, uh, they need to be appreciated for it. So a lot of people's lives have changed. And? And Julie, I don't know if you want to share how your life has changed. Most recently.

Julie:   40:48
Sure. So for many years, one of my dreams was to continue to row in my career and many people and again, I think that it is wonderful that were so different than this world. Many people have always had a dream of being a mom and being a mom. That was never my dream. I never dreamed her dreamt of being a mom. I wanted to just be a kick ass climbed the corporate ladder and rule the world kind of girl. And I I had It took me many years and trials and, you know, climb, slide, climb, slide. I happen to me in a job. For 12 years, I've been in the education industry for 20 and I love it in a very passionate about education. I'm very passionate about what I do. I did because I did it. I, um, was laid off. I was one of the people affected by cove it. And listen, it happens to everyone, right? It's never really happen to me that I've been laid off just fine. The crazy thing about it was that I probably could have seen it happen, because certainly the industry and everything that is going on affected my company. But I was so sort of caught up with trying to kind of push along and do along and do the things that I needed to do that I wasn't really paying attention. And when I got the call and of course, it was a call, because I, um I'm I'm not I wasn't in the office right, but it had to happen. And I will say one thing. I felt that there was a lot of kindness and there was a lot of, um, Grace in the way that my boss, you know, told me that I was being let go. So I do appreciate that from him. But it certainly was a grieving for me because I've been with the organization for a long time, and it was more than, um, in a job, right. It's a career. When I came to the organization, I told the owner of the company that I wasn't looking for a job. I was looking for a career and and certainly that stuffs what she gave me. And I am so grateful for the opportunities that I had, but it definitely you know, they're everything. There's time for everything, and it's time to move on. And I am so grateful that I have new opportunities and that I have new paths that I get to explore and some of them scare the crap out of me. But I'll figure it out. And hey, on the bright side, I get to try new things that I wanted to try. Like a podcast. I got my coaching certification last year. I have been doing some mentoring and leadership programs that the college is here in Connecticut and I got to do more of that. I will go back to spending a lot of the time in the organizations that mean a lot to me that I volunteer with, so I don't have time for that. And then I'm going to explore Where is this path leading Me, too? Because sometimes we have a map and we sort of know where we're going. But it's all about the journey, and it's all about the every day steps that you take that make you better. And that's what I'm hoping that this is going to dio and certainly I know that my skill set and I know that my knowledge in my network has made me someone who can be in a position to be able to support a lot of the people around me. especially moms and teachers. And I've worked with teachers for so many years I and seeing a lot of their struggles. And I'm excited that I'm in a position to be able to call the shots and say, Hey, this is how I can help you. I can give you some of the information that I know. Or I can tell you what I know of of education in partnerships that you may be able to connect with. So I'm excited for that. I'm also excited to be able to just being me and go confidently and make some of my dreams come true. And let me tell you, I can't wait to see what comes of it.

Dan:   45:44
Thank you very much for sharing with our listeners a little about yourself. I think you, uh, did a good job sharing where you come from, What you're about, Um the next up now is telling us, uh, where you're going. What you gonna dio? Um I know you have. Ah, a couple new and exciting things out there between this podcast. Your new website?

Julie:   46:13
Yes. There is a new website. You should check out this web designer. Dude,

Dan:   46:19
is this funny? Inter fighting new and innovative ways to reach out women and find ways of sharing your life experiences. Um, and applying that in new ways to try and help women.

Julie:   46:39
Yes. So I have a mission to help women define what they want to accomplish and go after it with confidence. Not because I have all the answers, but because I've learned. And I think that every single woman has had a dream, has worked toward a dream, is working toward dream and whatever it is right. It may not be my dream or my dreams may not be theirs, but I want to be able to help them always remember that there is a way I know. I said earlier, right? And my dream was never to be a mom. But I think that other women did dream to be moms, and they wanna maybe dream further to be the best mom or whatever. It might be right just because your mom, he doesn't mean that your dream. You have to stop dreaming. I think there are a lot of women, too, who are out in the workforce, and I want to continue to grow or shift, and I want to be able to support them. There's an African proverb. Proverb that says, If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. My view on that is that I am here to help you walk with you, because if we go together, you can get far. And I think then I need other people. This much is other. People need people, right? I happen to have a group of women who I rely on a lot, and you're probably gonna hear me talk about them a lot because I love them. They're my lemons. We in our in our coaching group. We have these mini communities or accountability groups. We happen to be one of the accountability groups with the most women, and we are frickin divers. They are. There is one woman from Australia. There's another one who is becoming an empty nester. We have a young mom who started a cottage business and she is rocking it. There is also my Massachusetts friend, who is also a mom but also a businesswoman, an executive. There's someone who changed from one place to another because she went through a very difficult divorce, But we're going together. And let me tell you, we lemons air amazing because we're together and we encourage each other and we build each other up. We also hold each other accountable. It will also cry with each other, and sometimes he just needs someone to be by your side as you're striving for your dreams. Is your growing to be the better version of yourself as you're establishing new habits as you're striving to live your life with joy? So I'm hoping that this podcast helps those women who are alone, not feel alone and helps the women who are out on their own also feel that they're part of a community and be together, because I think that if we're in community, were stronger, were better. We are just invincible. So that's it for today's podcast. I think that we laughed a little. We went deep a little or a lot, but I want you to get to know me, and I want you to I know that there's a lot of really fun stuff in store for you. Come back because it's not always gonna be like this. I'm gonna have some amazing women coming up whole mg. If I say so myself, I am tapping into My resource is I have an artist coming up. I have some women that have shifted where they're going with life. I have some women that have made their mark already. I have some women that have round businesses. I have some women that just have failed tremendously and have become phoenixes. Come and check him out and you'll also get to hang out with me in hashtag handsome husband who will be in the background here

Dan:   51:28
on for Julie will be asking the questions now me?

Julie:   51:33
Well, thanks for joining Daniel. I appreciate you.

Dan:   51:36
Thanks for having me. And this was a great experience. I had a good time. I enjoyed myself. Hopefully everyone else did. Julie thought it would be fun to have me do the first outro on the podcast. So on my best announcer voice Thanks for joining us this week on the concept of confidence Podcast with Julie DeLuca. Collins remembered a check her out on instagram and Facebook and always click subscribe to catch every new episode. Remember, leave reviews so we can continue to bring you fresh contents and, as always, go confidently in the direction of your dreams.