Let's K12 Better

Let's Talk About... Gratitude

November 25, 2020 Mom Of All Capes Season 1 Episode 25
Let's K12 Better
Let's Talk About... Gratitude
Show Notes

We’re celebrating 25 awesome episodes of the Let’s K12 Better podcast. THANK YOU SO MUCH, LISTENERS!

Through the end of 2020, we challenge families to sprinkle a bit of gratitude into every single thing they do.  Why is it so hard to show that we are thankful when times are tough or disappointing? Many of us learn to say thank you only when someone does something for us. Let’s change that.

Gratitude questions for families:

What is gratitude?

How do we show each other gratitude?

What are three things we are thankful for as a family and as individuals?

What are we thankful we are Learning or having challenges with?

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