Sheep Dip with Raising the Baa

In team building, J is for....?

September 07, 2022 Raising the Baa Season 6 Episode 10
Sheep Dip with Raising the Baa
In team building, J is for....?
Show Notes

Just the Job?  Subtle difference to Just a Job. 

An effective team around you really is 'Just the Job'.

An individual working alone can't fully achieve greatness on their own.  And that's why we hear so often when someone leaves a role - "it's the people I'll miss most".

Your team, be it physically or virtually around you, are all working towards the same aim. How can you ensure the team develops into the most effective team possible?

We're here to help!

This podcast series picks up on all the themes that have been fed back to us by our clients in their reviewing sessions, following their experience of team building with sheep.

Each episode of our A-Z series of team building lasts around 10 minutes - just right for a (sheep)dip into each of the topics.

Expect plenty of sheep/shepherd/dog references from Head Shepherd and Founder of Raising the Baa, Chris Farnsworth, in these short and lively conversations with Paul Warriner, our Lead Facilitator.

Enjoy - and thank ewe for listening :-)
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Paul Warriner - The Recognition Coach and Lead Facilitator, Raising the Baa
Chris Farnsworth - Head Shepherd and Co-Founder, Raising the Baa

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