Sheep Dip with Raising the Baa

# 12 - Ce-le-brate (good times, c'mon!)

September 01, 2020 Raising the Baa Season 1 Episode 12
Sheep Dip with Raising the Baa
# 12 - Ce-le-brate (good times, c'mon!)
Show Notes

Singing (you do recognise the song lyric above don't you?), dancing, high-fiving, clapping, shrieking, laughing, pats on the back, hugs and polite handshakes - we've seen them all.

Who knew that herding sheep into a pen could cause such emotions?  Least of all the people who've stepped away from their normal working environment, traditionally an office, factory, warehouse or store. And occasionally a football or rugby pitch.

Whilst the final act of successfully herding the sheep causes the greatest outburst, it's the small celebrations along the way that keep the energy high and the team motivated. We make particular note of those giving praise, recognising a colleague's effort or idea. Not so much a monotone 'Well Done' but a heartfelt and genuine acknowledgement of someone's contribution makes the recipient feel appreciated. It will boost their confidence and can elevate their performance to the next level too.

Recognition of people's efforts is vital also for keeping the team connected, especially now that so many projects are being managed virtually and at a distance from each other. Team leaders now more than ever need to find ways to keep their people inspired, motivated and happily collaborating.  When people are feeling vulnerable in many areas of their life, not least of which in their jobs, it's key to keep the team spirit and culture alive and thriving. And just one way of doing this is to gather the team together in a safe outdoors place to let go, have some fun AND discover learning at a whole different level too.  Read about FIVE ways of giving your team recognition in this article by Paul Warriner, The Recognition Coach and one of our Associate Trainers.

In this final episode of the first series of SheepDip podcasts, Paul discusses the subject of celebration, praise and recognition with Chris Farnsworth, Head Shepherd and founder of Raising the Baa. The next series of podcasts will feature a different guest each week. We've invited some of the most inspiring minds in learning and development to hear more about their specialist subject and top tips on building the most extraordinary team in your field. 

Enjoy - and thank ewe for listening :-)

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