Bad Queers

Don't F*ck Your Friends (w/Amber Hikes) I Episode 75

August 30, 2021 HER App Season 1 Episode 75
Bad Queers
Don't F*ck Your Friends (w/Amber Hikes) I Episode 75
Show Notes

We welcome the literal definition of Black Queer Excellence, Amber Hikes. Not only the Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer for the ACLU, Amber is also a community organizer making moves for the people.  We discuss topics ranging from self care brunches, what really goes down in the DMs, the two rules for your chosen community and ways we can make impactful change in todays crazy ass world. 

Shana -
 The Instagram page @studsinsuits - Literally says it in the title. They post images of well-dressed studs in order to un-gender fashion. It’s great inspo and provides lots of new people to add to your timeline. 

Kris - George M. Johnson - Pre Order their newest book - We Are Not Broken - out Sept. 7th, 2021

Amber -
Latonya Myers - Above All Odds (@aboveallodds__) - Advocate fighting to help returning citizens who have been impacted by the criminal justice system and help them be able to thrive. 

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