Bad Queers

Queer Intimacy (w/Intimacy with Maya) I Episode 77

September 13, 2021 HER App Season 1 Episode 77
Bad Queers
Queer Intimacy (w/Intimacy with Maya) I Episode 77
Show Notes

This week we welcome intimacy expert, Maya to the show. We discuss navigating intimacy outside of sex, Black people reclaiming our pleasure and the new term for foreplay. And we can't go through this episode without discussing Lil Nas X's baby announcement and how pegging needs to be gender neutral. 

Shana -
 Jillian Mercado (@jillianmercado) for being the absolute winner of The L Word this season. Her character, Maribel is getting so much more visibility and Jillian is incredible, period. 

Kris - Esther Wallace, founder of Playa Society. Playa Society exists to inspire athletes with products that reflect core social values, like gender equality and social justice. Congrats to Esther and Playa Society on their upcoming collection with the WNBA. Follow @playasociety on IG, shop on

Maya - Kiana makes educational, thought provoking content around sex and intimacy and more!  Follow @healingisimperfect

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