Bad Queers

Blue Eyed Stud Cult - Episode 83

October 25, 2021 HER App Season 1 Episode 83
Bad Queers
Blue Eyed Stud Cult - Episode 83
Show Notes

 If you've heard the phrase "Daddy's Girls" or "Tik Tok Cult" then you've come to the right place.  Congratulations to the Chicago Sky on their WNBA Championship. Shana wants you to know she called it. Clearing up Trans Whiteness and if you can call Kanye "Ye" then you can do the same for the Trans and Nonbinary community.

 The Blasian March NY - Black, Asian and Blasian Solidarity through education on parallel struggles against racism and mutual celebration of each other. They recently hosted a Black Asian Trans Power Rally as well. Love seeing the intersectional community identities come together - Follow @blasianmarch

Kris:  Brownie Points For You - shop by Rinny Perkins (writer, artist, comedian) - the shops incredible. They sold out on the Are You Afraid of Diversity hoodies with the AYAOTD lettering but have plenty of other apparel, jewelry, prints available. Go shop now IG: @browniepointsforyou 

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