Bad Queers

StudFace I Episode 89

December 06, 2021 HER App Season 1 Episode 89
Bad Queers
StudFace I Episode 89
Show Notes

We review all the Blackity Black and queer shows (Insecure, Twenties, 12 Dates of Christmas), but the real question - Is Hattie's character studface? Also, our full review of Bruised (and Kris's feelings toward it). PSA that the Supreme court needs to stop coming for our uterus and give money to Stacey Abrams campaign.

Black & Pink National - A National Organization fighting alongside incarcerated LGBTQI+ people and people living with HIV/Aids for prison abolition. They have an annual holiday card campaign to send love and care to incarerated LGBTQI+ identified folks. Follow @blackandpinkorg to get involved! 

Kris: Charmee Taylor - Author of the newly available book - Confessions of a Bisexual. Bisexual influencer Charmeé Taylor (aka, @bi_astrology) explores what it means to be queer enough, and helps others feel queer enough too, in her debut publication, Confessions of a Bisexual: An Interactive Memoir for Baby Gays. This gorgeous piece of eLiterature is part memoir, part workbook, and 100% big sister energy. By using writing prompts and curated playlists, Taylor’s publication aims to bring the reader into an immersive and supportive environment from [digital] cover to cover. 

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