Bad Queers

2021 Circle Back (w/Shelli Nicole) I Episode 91

December 20, 2021 HER App Season 1 Episode 91
Bad Queers
2021 Circle Back (w/Shelli Nicole) I Episode 91
Show Notes

Welcome to our first official Circle Back! Where we review the positives and fuck shit of 2021. To do this, we brought back one of our favorite guests, the Culture Editor of Autostraddle, Shelli Nicole. Starting from the insurrection and wrapping up with Candace Parker's baby announcement, let's review this year of queer. This is an extended episode which also includes our Bad Queer predictions for 2022.
Today's episode involves a TW (trigger warning) where we discuss abortion at various points of this podcast.

Shelli's Favorite Articles:
An Ode to Hilary Banks - The Bougie Big Sister of My Dreams
The Story of My Abortion
Autostraddle's Strap Week

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