SC069 Chris Haught-Thompson

October 25, 2018 Season 2 Episode 69
SC069 Chris Haught-Thompson
SC069 Chris Haught-Thompson
Oct 25, 2018 Season 2 Episode 69
Chris Haught-Thompson, Knox College Women's Head Coach
Show Notes

The fellas are back and Shaun has a very special announcement!

Joined this week by Knox College Women's Head Coach Chris Haught-Thompson, the guys catch him just after he and Nick coached against each other.  Find out about Chris' journey as he tells his stories of being a 1st grade teaching assistant, getting the call to help out with a soccer club, walking into a college volunteer job, coaching the men's and women's team at his alma mater, taking his next step and a very unique Division 1 school, how that experience molded him into the coach he is now, how he made his way back to the midwest, and just what is it like coaching against Nick???

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Nick Rizzo
Shaun Soderling

Chris Haught-Thompson
Knox College Women's Head Coach

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