SC071 Erin Egolf

November 15, 2018 Season 2 Episode 71
SC071 Erin Egolf
SC071 Erin Egolf
Nov 15, 2018 Season 2 Episode 71
Erin Egolf, UIS Women's Head Coach
Show Notes

The guys are joined by UIS Women's Head Coach Erin Egolf, and you'll instantly find yourself laughing along and wanting to hear the story of how Erin went from the leading scorer in program history to the head coach...she tells of how she knew at an early age coaching was what she wanted to do, talks popular music from her high school days, massive office dance parties, and what she looks for in players she's recruiting.

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Nick Rizzo
Shaun Soderling

Erin Egolf - https://uisprairiestars.com/coaches.aspx?rc=337

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