Holistic Coach Mastery
The Trauma of Humiliation
Holistic Coach Mastery
The Trauma of Humiliation
Jul 26, 2020 Episode 16
Marina Stoichkova

Do you feel ashamed or guilty on a daily basis? Do you criticize and punish yourself when you can’t please other people? Or maybe you are even masochistic… 


In this episode we'll discuss one of the main reasons for that - the trauma of humiliation. You will learn the most typical scenarios that create it and what are the consequences.


This episode is part of the series about the 5 types of trauma (episodes 13-18).

You will learn:

- when does this trauma typically occur and with which parent

- the body structure and other physical characteristics

- possible health issues

- the copying mechanism - the mask of the dependent person


Get the full show notes here https://marstars.net/the-trauma-of-humiliation/