Life in the Flow
Karma and Healing the Family System
Karma and Healing the Family System 20:34 The 2 major Energy Problems That Affect Your Life 22:00 Solve Every Problem and Achieve Every Goal with GSR 24:13 Unhealthy Family Loyalty 17:28 The 4 Agreements - A Guide for Spiritual Wellbeing 17:20 Holding Space 17:27 The Monkey Mind 17:36 The burden of having too many responsibilities 18:53 Underestimating the Impact of Small Childhood Trauma 21:53 Perfectionism - How to Overcome it 24:02 Fear of Criticism and Judgment 24:22 How to Have a Positive Mindset 23:24 Eating Disorder Recovery 19:14 Binge-Eating Causes 23:20 What Causes Anorexia 26:53 Are You Trying to be a Hero 18:32 Stress and Distress 15:33 The Slavery of Attachments and How to Set Free 21:02 How much time does It take to manifest your dreams? 18:43 How do you feel about your feelings 17:42 The laziness of the brain 23:04 Self-worth issues - a.k.a. "I'm not good enough" 22:36 Self-sabotage – how to recognize when you are your worst enemy 22:25 Is your Ego something bad? 15:27 Parenting your Parents 14:42