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Atomic Zero Show #80 Peter Kageyama

January 17, 2023 Atomic Zero Episode 80
Atomic Zero Show
Atomic Zero Show #80 Peter Kageyama
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Happy New Year! Happy 2023 Atomic Zero Fans!

Join us this week:
Peter Kageyama is a third generation Japanese American – a sansei. He
is a former Senior Fellow with the Alliance for Innovation and the author
of four nonfiction books on cities and urban development.
Peter lives in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida with his wife, Lisa
Wannemacher and their dog, Dobby.

Hunters Point is his first novel.

In 1958, San Francisco was in the midst of an economic, demographic and cultural growth. Yet many still felt like outsiders to that prosperity and when they needed help, they turn to Kats Takemoto, the Nisei private detective known as a friend to the underdog communities of the Bay Area. Kats will be drawn into a deadly environmental coverup involving the US Navy, the government and the West Coast underworld. The massive naval base at Hunter Point is far more than it appears and the work there threatens the entire region with deadly consequences.

The story takes us to Hollywood movie sets, Beat poetry readings, the industrial heart of San Francisco and the battlefields of Europe during the Second World War as Kats and his friends search for the answers to who is poisoning the waters of San Francisco Bay and why land is being secretly being acquired in the Bayfront Heights neighborhood.

This rousing tale weaves real events and real people into an all too plausible tale of cover-up, betrayal and blackmail.
You can get a copy of Hunters Point on Amazon or by the Authors website. 

Author website:
Facebook: /peterkageyama
Instagram: @pkageyama

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