Tribe of Hackers Podcast

Kim Crawley

May 19, 2020 Ray REDACTED Season 1 Episode 4
Tribe of Hackers Podcast
Kim Crawley
Show Notes

On this episode, we talk to Kim Crawley, who is a regular contributor to the corporate blogs for Tripwire, Cylance, Venafi, AlienVault, and Comodo. She has previously written for Sophos’ Naked Security and CSO, and has also appeared in 2600 Magazine. She loves JRPGs, black clothing, Swedish Fish candy, her weird boyfriend, and her equally weird platonic friends. 

In this episode, we discuss the following:
- Hacking "AUTOEXEC.BAT" and "Archie"
- Kim's "origin story"
- @hacks4pancakes and #PancakesCon
- @TheManyHatsClub and @TheBeerFarmers
- Diversity and Inclusion and @DianaIntitiative
- Autism and Autism Activism
- The meaning of #ActuallyAutistic
- Greta Thunberg @GretaThunberg
- A big announcement about @shehackspurple!
- Upcoming conference 6/13