Tribe of Hackers Podcast

Cheryl Biswas

June 23, 2020 Ray REDACTED Season 1 Episode 9
Tribe of Hackers Podcast
Cheryl Biswas
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Cheryl Biswas loves being a Threat Intel Analyst with TD Bank in Canada and assessing threat actors, vulnerabilities, and exploits. She is a Political Science graduate, ITIL certified, and took the long way to InfoSec. She actively shares her passion for security online as a speaker, volunteers at conferences, and champions diversity as a founding member of The Diana Initiative.

Twitter: @3ncr1pt3d
Websites: and

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00:00:00 Intro
00:01:02 Cheryl's Origin Story
00:03:20 Twitter and the Kardashians of InfoSec
00:04:20 Welcoming newbies, how awesome is @sn0ww
00:05:20 Seriously... everyone loves @sn0ww
00:07:45 Alice in Security Wonderland.
00:10:45 Diana Initiative Mission
00:11:50 Cheryl's First talks, shoutout to @mainframed767
00:18:05 DEFCON and Diana
00:25:40Advice to a younger Cheryl
00:27:00 Cheryl's COVID 19 observations
00:32:30 Cheryl's favorite books: Countdown to Zero Day by @KimZetter
00:34:55 Andy Greenburg's book "Sandworm”
00:37:20"The Shadow War" by Jim Sciutto
00:38:55 "Women in Tech" by Tarah Wheeler
00:39:42 Life Hacks
00:43:10 Toxic Behavior and Twitter
00:47:50 Closing thoughts