Tribe of Hackers Podcast

David Evenden, aka @JediMammoth

August 04, 2020 Ray REDACTED Season 1 Episode 14
Tribe of Hackers Podcast
David Evenden, aka @JediMammoth
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David Evenden is the founder of StandardUser Cyber Security, an educational security firm dedicated to bringing work to freelance hackers and bringing top-tier industry-standard information security certification training to the university classroom. 

David is an experienced offensive security operator with experience working in the U.S. intelligence community (IC). He learned Persian Farsi, worked at NSA Red Team, and was a member of an elite international team operating in conjunction with coalition forces to aid in the ongoing efforts in the Middle East.

Topics list:

00:00:03 Introduction

00:00:35 Meet @JediMammoth

00:01:36 Origin Story

00:06:10 Pensacola Cyber Training: Crash Course

00:08:50 NSA Red Team

00:11:20 Compartmentalization

00:13:00 Learning and Teaching

00:14:21 Making Decisions

00:14:59 Dwight Schrute (not a typo) Philosophy

00:16:02 Fatherhood and its impact

00:18:14 Challenges

00:19:52 Darknet Diaries: Episode 47

00:22:12 Advice to a younger David

00:24:10 Blue Team Challenges

00:25:53 Mental Health Strategies

00:27:20 Social Media and Toxicity

00:29:05 Advice to Newbies

00:29:40 The Innocent Lives Foundation

00:32:18 Admiration

00:34:00 Diversity

00:36:01 Increasing Participation

00:37:02 Shoutout: Lesley Carhart @Hacks4Pancakes

00:37:13 Shoutout: Katie Nickels @ILikeTheCoins

00:38:58 Virtual Conferences

00:39:50 Advice to the Burnt Out

00:41:38 Wrap up, Thanks

Meet @JediMammoth
Origin Story
Pensacola Cyber Training: Crash Course
NSA Red Team
Learning and Teaching
Making Decisions
Fatherhood and its impact
Advice to a younger David
Blue Team Challenges
Mental Health Strategies
Social Media and Toxicity
Advice to Newbies
Increasing Participation
Shoutout: Lesley Carhart @Hacks4Pancakes
Shoutout: Katie Nickels @ILikeTheCoins
Virtual Conferences
Advice to the Burnt Out
Wrap up, Thanks