Tribe of Hackers Podcast

Angela Marafino- @MegatronAL and "Hacker Book Club" (updated)

August 29, 2020 Ray REDACTED Season 1 Episode 17
Tribe of Hackers Podcast
Angela Marafino- @MegatronAL and "Hacker Book Club" (updated)
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Angela Marafino is an Evolve Security Academy alumna, a Microsoft project manager, and the co-host of the "Hacker Book Club". 

With no prior background in IT or computer science, Angela did not take the traditional route to obtain a career in cybersecurity. However, the desire for a more challenging career led her to enroll in a cybersecurity bootcamp, which gave her the skills and mindset necessary to become a cybersecurity professional. She is CompTIA Security+ and Network+ certified and holds two bachelor’s degrees, one in fine arts and another in pre-law. Angela is also the organizer of her local Women of Security (WoSec) chapter. 

Link to Hacker Book Club:

Meet Angela
Is there a Cyber Security Skills Shortage?
Angela decides to join the industry
Move to Denver, Head to Botcamp
First Ever Talk
What are "Soft Skills"?
Support Networks and CFP's
Everyone loves @AlyssaM_InfoSec
What surprises you?