F23 Podcast

F23 Podcast E37 feat Alexis Mincolla

February 02, 2022 Jamie
F23 Podcast
F23 Podcast E37 feat Alexis Mincolla
Show Notes

In this episode I talk with Alexis Mincolla singer with industrial group 3Teeth. I invited him on the show to talk sex, drugs and magic having read and loved his contribution to the afterward in the book of the same name. And that is indeed what we talk about and I'm so grateful that he opens up and shares some great wisdom and insight with me. Also though I was pleasantly struck by his warm open and generous spirit and felt an easy and comfortable connection between us, and so I really hope those qualities to shine out of the conversation. A great form of magic for covid times.
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Twitter: @AlexisMincolla
Insta: @alexismincolla
3Teeth: https://3teeth.bandcamp.com/

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