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F23 Podcast E39 feat Tabitha Bast

February 23, 2022 Jamie
F23 Podcast
F23 Podcast E39 feat Tabitha Bast
Show Notes

I invited my old friend Tabitha Bast onto the podcast so we could talk about her blog The Boys Are Alright. I subscribe to this and so receive her posts as a newsletter and I am fascinated by her feminist based approach to writing about boys and men and how she facilitates meaningful conversations around the issues man and boys face. She explains in our conversation her motivations for this work and how male issues are in some ways often overlooked. She also works as a relationships counsellor and so also talks about some things that help the lockdown weary with their relationships. Tabitha is a wonderful woman and friend, and I think that the container of our friendship adds a real quality this conversation.

Find Tabitha here: https://theboysarealright.substack.com/

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